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Released on: August 8, 2008, 3:36 pm

Press Release Author: FaxMicro Customer Communications Department

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Problems in sending faxes are one of the most popular issues
that a client might encounter. We have online support tips on how to resolve these.

Press Release Body: (, August 06, 2008) - We are the leading online fax
service that cares about our clients needs and comforts. We find ways on how to
educate them at their most convenience. We optimize procedures to make everything
easy to learn.

Problems in sending faxes are one of the most popular issues that the internet fax
subscribers always deal with. We have online support tips on how to resolve these.
However, we do not just share the troubleshooting techniques. We also give tips on
how to prevent these issues ahead. We believe that knowledge can be gained not only
by mistakes but by early preparedness and awareness of the problems.

If we have learned the process ahead, we can only have a small number of
possibilities for the emergence of the fax transmission problems. We do not need to
mess up in the future if we can learn them now.

To get started, there are three different ways on how to send faxes using our
service. We can transmit faxes via control panel, via personal email address and via
our printer driver. Please see below the various step by step procedures on how to
do it:

How to Send a Fax via Control Panel
1. Login to your control panel using your username and password
2. You will be directed to the Overview tab. Click send fax
3. Select whether you will upload a file or you will use a stored file from your
control panel
4. Type in the subject
5. Select whether you are sending it to a single or to multiple fax numbers
6. If you are sending to multiple recipients, you need to create a CSV file. We have
a link displayed on the control panel that will guide you on how to create a CSV
7. If you are sending to a single recipient, just type in the fax number destination
(1 + 10 digits fax number). Example, 18773297842. Type in also the recipient's name
and your comments.
8. Lastly, click send fax to transmit the fax.
9. Correct way of sending fax will receive a prompt notice saying "Your fax has been
queued for sending"

How to send fax via personal email address
1. Like sending an email, attach the file that you would like to send
2. Put the recipient's fax number as the subject
3. Send it to (
4. In a few minutes, you will be receiving a fax sending email authentication
message. Click on the given link.
5. Type in your password and click submit

How to send fax via printer driver
1. Download the Faxmicro print to fax driver from our website
2. Open the file using your preferred software. Example is a file opened on a Word
Document Program
3. Go to printer options or if you are using Windows, just hit Ctrl + p shortcut
4. A window will appear. Type in the fax number of the recipient, the header of the
fax and the email address on which you would like to receive the fax confirmation
5. Lastly, click send

We give big space to further learning. If you still need other assistance, we can be
reached via our homepage, entering into our live chat or sending us an email.

About Us

FaxMicro have been in the Internet and Telecommunications technology since 1994. It
offers an easy-to-use Internet Fax service that allows you to send faxes from
anywhere in the Continental US.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2063 N Lecanto HWAY
Lecanto, FL 34461
Telephone: 1-877-329-7842

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