New Era For Internet Marketers

Released on: August 31, 2008, 12:20 pm

Press Release Author: David Preston

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Are offline clients really better than online marketing?
David Preston answers the question on this growing trend.

Press Release Body:
David Preston

I have literally had \"tons\" of clients ask me, \"Are offline clients better than
online marketing? Which direction should I pursue?\"

I always have the same answer for them. Offline clients are much better than online
marketing for SOME people. Let me explain that line of thought.

Hopefully this will help clear a lot of confusion about offline marketing,
consulting, and online marketing. Having been, and still involved heavily in both
markets perhaps my point of view will influence the path you

If you don\'t have a problem meeting with a business owner face to face, this maybe a
very lucrative lesson for you! On the flip side of advice, it may be painful for
some of you. Sorry about that!

As an offline consultant the payments are usually in the form of a check, and
normally for a good amount of money. You almost never have a problem getting paid or
collecting your money because they already have it budgeted into
their business.

They are spending it now. They just can\'t tell you if it\'s actually effective, and
that\'s where you come in. Even if you have just basic knowledge of how the internet
works and can set up an autoresponder system, you can do this.

Regular \"brick and mortar\" businesses really have no clue about any of that. I have
students that regularly clear $500 per month for a little ad copy and an
autoresponder system. Plus they also generate up front money for the set up!

If you do it correctly it can be a real win, win situation for all involved. Through
coupons and other incentives provided by the owners, you can drive solid \"buyer\"
traffic through their front doors. Which is after all why they are in business in
the first place.

It\'s not uncommon to pick up checks from $1,500 to $5,000 for one day of work. The
difference is that you can \"track\" exactly how effective their advertising dollars
are. Right now they spend it on everything from billboard ads, to phone book ads and
even park bench ads. Most owners just spend it because they know they have to
advertise. They don\'t track it and as a result, they have no clue where their
customers are coming from.

Even if you have almost no skills as an internet marketer you can still make a very
lucrative living. It\'s fairly easy to get more clients than you can handle, out
source the work to someone else, and still walk away with a bundle!

Online marketing as a living is a horse of a different color. I will tell you point
blank. If you don\'t know some joint venture \"big brothers\" or you haven\'t mastered
the art of adwords it\'s going to be a long expensive learning curve. You can spend
thousands online before you know it and still be no closer to real duplicatable

The reason is simple. You\'re jumping into a professional world with a pen knife
against some people who are armed with swords. That\'s why you need to either have a
sword, or know someone who does. Otherwise, you could be chopped to pieces in short
order. You are treating it like a passing hobby that \"would be cool\" if it makes
money. (Against professionals who form corporations around it.)

In my studied opinion there is no competition in offline marketing, and they need
the help. On the other hand, with internet need a succesful mentor,
period. You\'re going to pay either way. You can spend thousands on your own trying
to learn or you can cut the learning curve completely with a good mentor.

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Contact Details: David Preston Inc. is owned and operated by legendary consultant
David Preston. They continue to deliver historical returns for both online and
offline clients.

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