New Feng Shui eGuide from Harmony In Motion Offers Concrete Success

Released on: August 25, 2008, 2:15 pm

Press Release Author: Harmony In Motion

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: Expert Feng Shui consultant releases innovative "How-To"
eGuide for people on the go to quickly and easily implement this ancient Chinese Art
form into their home or office.

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA, USA - - August 25, 2008 - In Feng Shui, the
home or office mirrors the success of life. With the challenges of the modern day
hectic lifestyle, creating our environments to harness that success and achieve a
sense of peace and harmony are more critical now than ever before. \"Feng Shui Now:
Mapping Out Your Home for Harmony and Success,\" from acclaimed consultant Heather
Melcer, is a clear, practical eGuide that helps achieve life goals through the power
of Feng Shui.

Since 2001, Melcer has written and consulted extensively, teaching all kinds of
people how to use this ancient wisdom to change their lives today. With "Mapping Out
Your Home for Harmony and Success," she crystallizes her most important knowledge,
the Bagua Map. This map is the essential tool at the heart of Feng Shui that
determines what areas of the home or office correspond to the nine different energy
centers in life including Wealth, Career and Relationships. This eGuide teaches how
to lay it down on a home or office environment and turn know-how into real concrete

"I've read several books but still can't figure it out, is a typical comment I get
when going into someone's home to consult", says Melcer. Unique to the eGuide is
the user-friendly writing style and number of simple, yet detailed diagrams often
lacking in even the most comprehensive books. She adds, "Many people get intimidated
by formal architectural blueprint samples"; this guide demonstrates the technique
with simple drawings anyone feels competent to model.

The PDF-formatted eGuide is a downloadable, printable file and, at a mere 15 pages
(full-size for easy printing), it demonstrates the author's attention to detail,
organization, design simplicity and is amazingly thorough. It covers topics such as:
a starting point for the journey into Feng Shui, definitions and colors for each
area, illustrations for multiple scenarios, what one's environment really reflects
about life, what to put in each area, and how to assess that the energy is working.

For the busy executives to the busy Moms, Feng Shui results speak for themselves
giving everyone an edge in work, play, money, romance, and family life. Whether a
person is drafting new house plans, remodeling, renting an apartment, decorating
their home, wanting the best Feng Shui colors, or spiritually stuck in life yearning
for personal growth, it is an invaluable resource. From tiny studios to sprawling
mansions, this guide changes the way people view their home and life.


About Heather Melcer
Heather Melcer, owner of Harmony In Motion, is a certified Feng Shui consultant for
more than 7 years. Her background, including an MFA degree, experience in
publishing, marketing, graphic design, writing and metaphysical studies, blends
together to creatively assist people in bringing harmony and success to their lives
by integrating this ancient art form easily into a modern world.
Learn more at

Media review copies upon request

Web Site:

Contact Details: Heather I. Melcer
Harmony In Motion
1077 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, #333
Seal Beach, CA 90740

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