Ocimum Biosolutions Announces Genomic Pioneer Awards

Released on: August 19, 2008, 2:05 am

Press Release Author: Mayank Kumar

Industry: Biotech

Press Release Summary: Ocimum Biosolutions Announces Genomic Pioneer Awards. The
purpose of the Genomic Pioneers Award is to recognize excellence and outstanding
contribution to the field of Genomics using integrated state-of-the-art approaches.

Press Release Body: IJsselstein, The Netherlands and Hyderabad, India Thursday,
August 14, 2008
Ocimum Biosolutions has announced a first of its kind award that recognizes the
trailblazing research innovations in the genomics space. The award would be known
as the Genomic Pioneers Award. The purpose of the Genomic Pioneers Award is to
recognize excellence and outstanding contribution to the field of genomics using
integrated state-of-the-art approaches.
The first recipient of the award will be announced in September 2008
The first edition of the Genomic Pioneers Award focuses on excellence in using
oligonucleotides in advancing genomics research. Synthetic DNA oligonucleotides now
have wide spectrum of applications ranging from being used in fundamental research,
as diagnostic reagents to discovery of pharmaceutical compounds, making it an
integral part of any scientific research. The first edition of this award will
recognize the work of practicing scientists, who have demonstrated excellence in
their novel use of oligonucleotides in Functional Genomics. The award will carry a
prize of 3000 (EU). INR 1,00,000 (India), USD 3000 (Asia Pacific). The deadlines
for applications from EU and Asia Pacific is September 20. Applications from India
are due on August 30.
Anu Acharya, CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions said Through the first version of Genomic
Pioneers, we intend to elucidate the wide ranging utilities and applications of
oligonucleotides and how it happens to be a bridge between basic research and target
discovery. We hope this award will be a trend setter and would encourage new avenues
of industry-industry and industry-academia collaboration
We hope that this will also inculcate new practices in industrial social
responsibility and this is our way of reaching out to the community which we all
belong to said Ashwin Sivakumar, Director- Marketing and Outreach at Ocimum

About Ocimum Biosolutions:
Ocimum Biosolutions is a leading integrated genomics company providing comprehensive
genomic reference databases, life science lab information management solutions,
GLP-compliant microarray services and essential research consumables. Over 2/3rd of
the top 25 pharma companies, leading research institutes and emerging biotech
companies worldwide have chosen us as their preferred outsourcing partner and
utilize our expertise for understanding underlying mechanisms of diseases, discovery
and prioritization of gene targets and biomarkers. Our Specialty LIMS solution,
Biotracker caters to the growing needs of core labs in global companies and
research centers involved in Life Science Research.

Web Site: http://www.ocimumbio.com/web/outreach/awardIntro.asp

Contact Details: Ocimum Biosolutions
+91 40 66627200

Investor Contact:

CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions

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