Online banking can save military retirees time, money, and provide flexibility

Pioneer Services offers simple tips for safe and secure transactions


Released on: August 5, 2008, 5:24 am

Press Release Author: Karen Von Der Bruegge

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Pioneer Services has created an article for retirees, including military retirees, on the benefits of online banking and tips for a safe and secure transaction.

Press Release Body: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (August 4, 2007) Consumer use of online banking and financial services has exploded in recent years. While technology has made life more convenient, some Americans are still low-tech when it comes to banking, despite the advantages online financial services can provide. The same is true in the military, where older service members who have likely relied on cutting edge technology to accomplish various missions may not apply this technology to their daily lives, especially after they retire.

As a result, Pioneer Services, a leader in financial services for the military, has created a new article highlighting the benefits of the online banking experience, along with some common sense tips for a safe and secure transaction. The article, Military retirees and online banking – securely saving time and money, is intended to educate both retired and active-duty military consumers.

“New technology and security advancements have torn down the walls between what used to be done kneecap-to-kneecap and what can now be done online”, said Doug Allen, chief information officer for Pioneer Services and author of the article. “Today, online financial services can save time, offer more options, afford privacy, and provide greater flexibility and control over your finances.

“There are millions of online financial transactions every day,” he added. “And just like when using an ATM or walking into a bank, a little common sense while online will ensure a quick and easy transaction while protecting your privacy and security.”

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Pioneer Services, the military banking division of MidCountry Bank, offers responsible financial services and education to members of the Armed Forces that enhance their quality of life and financial independence. For more than 20 years, Pioneer Services has been a leader in military lending. They offer the protection and security of a personal loan with the speed and flexibility service members need. Through a network of offices and on the Internet, Pioneer Services offers loans, financial education programs, and supports military families and communities through a variety of partnerships, programs, and sponsorships.

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