Portway Capital - Is Poor UK Data Hiding Bargain Stocks

Released on: August 12, 2008, 4:44 am

Press Release Author: Michael Brown

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Bordeaux-based Investment Firm Portway Capital are said to be
maintaining a bullish stance on a number of FTSE100 stocks despite a backdrop of
some of the worst financial data seen in decades and the fear of recession seemingly
a distinct, rather than a distant, possibility.

Press Release Body: Recent Financial data from the UK has been described by analysts
and BOE staff alike as "ghastly", and sources from Portway Capital have been quick
to point out that there is no shortage of fuel for the fire; stating rising
production prices (resulting primarily from manufacturers passing on hikes due to
record oil prices), inflation touching decade-long highs, and a pound which has now
fallen over 12% against its major trading partners in the last twelve months.

However, despite these myriad negative macroeconomic factors, and the recent
movement of the FTSE100 into bearish territory, analysts at Portway Capital remain
confident that a number of stocks are currently undervalued and relatively
attractive in a climate which looks ripe for M&A activity in the near future.

"We have identified a number of Companies in sectors primed for takeover activity -
primarily in Energy and Mining, whose stock price appears significantly
undervalued." said one unnamed source, who went on to indicate that analyst data at
Portway Capital suggests the upside potential in stocks with proven resilience to
economic swings can far outweigh the downward trend imposed by a deteriorating

Web Site: http://www.portwaycapital.com

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