Scott Miller Turns Cash Gifting World Into Opportunity For ALL!

Released on: August 30, 2008, 6:01 am

Press Release Author: James Nead

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Scott Miller Pays For Ads Till his Team Members Get 5 Gifts!

Press Release Body: Let \'s have a look!

For starters, you\'ll need to register a .com domain name with an established
registrar (GoDaddy, FxDomains, for example). On the average .com registration
pricing in under $10 per year. A small additional fee ($5 or thereabout) will
provide you with private registration, where your name is not revealed to the

The next expense resolves to a monthly hosting service, the server where you website
\'s files will be hosted and shown to your visitors. You\'ll need a generous amount of
bandwidth and storage space, but, fortunately, prices for shared hosting accounts
are low-- easily $10 per month or less. But with Scott Miller and THAT is covered!

Your biggest upfront expense will come to you in the way of tracking software, an
online service, Tracking software keeps track of the 1up system-- how cash is
distributed to participants. With other systems that is. But with Scott Miller and That is taken care of AS WELL!

As for setting up your website itself, many mentors will turn you over to a $100
solution. Then again many mentors will set up your website and autoresponder for you
free of charge. Pick your mentor wisely! Says Scott Miller. Which is why HE handles
ALL THAT for you!

Now. THIS is where it starts to get REALLY good. With Scott Miller's he has taken away 100% of the risk by
advertising FOR YOU until you have received 5 gifts TO YOUR DOOR. He won't stop
advertising for you till you are WELL on your way to financial freedom. To topit
off, he shows you every step of the way what you need to do, what he is doing FOR
YOU and more importantly WHY. That way your learning AND earning. So by the time you
have received your 5th gift you'll know EXACTLY what your doing!
Simply visit Scott Miller's To learn more!

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Contact Details: Scott Miller

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