Three Of Launches New Promotional Campaign With Alonce Music Agency

Released on: August 8, 2008, 12:04 pm

Press Release Author: CA2NY Music Media - Alonce Music Agency

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Three Of, who is a three piece band out of northern
California, launches a new promotional campaign for their new album \"Ginko Girl\"
with Alonce Music Agency.

Press Release Body: Walnut Creek, CA - The adult alternative genre has experienced
many grand artists throughout decades of great music, but bands like Three Of have
formed to take adult alternative to superior levels with the assistance of Alonce
Music Agency.

Three Of, who is a three piece band out of northern California, consists of great
musicians such as Jose Valdes (bass player, lead vocals), Drew Nash (lead guitar),
and John Prink (drummer).

Earlier this year, Three Of recorded their first complete album entitled "Ginko
Girl", which has already proved to be an achievement within California's very own
Napa Valley. The hit song off of "Ginko Girl", which is self titled, has already
seen radio airplay from local adult alternative radio stations to show the bands
growing fan base as well as success.

John Prink, drummer for Three Of, allied the band with Alonce Music Agency during
the month of July to further the bands accomplishment rate and continuing growth.
Alonce Music Agency has already begun their campaign efforts to provide Three Of
with great performance opportunities, publicity campaigns, TV show alignment, and
promotional aid.

"Three Of recently played for over 30,000 people at Six Flags Great Adventure," says
Cali Sky, a music career developer for Alonce Music Agency. "Everybody was off of
their feet dancing to their music which proved to be a great exposure opportunity
for Three Of."

During the rest of 2008, expect to see Three Of start their show performance
campaign to aid the promotion of their already successful album "Ginko Girl". The
band is currently available for booking at venues throughout California and is
anticipated to break out as one of adult alternative's best bands within the

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