Zaber Technologies Spotlights the T-LA - Linear Actuator Series


Released on: August 27, 2008, 3:34 am

Press Release Author: B. Cassidy

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: This release describes Zaber's linear actuator series and the evolution of the linear actuator from a time when they required complicated accessories to the latest integrated devices.

Press Release Body: Zaber is proud to spotlight its T-LA - Linear Actuator Series. The T-LA series of computer controlled linear actuators has been Zaber's flagship product, the first linear actuator we developed and still one of our most popular motion control devices.

Overview of T-LA (linear actuator) series:
• 0.1 um resolution

• Built in controllers

• Daisy-chain multiple units to a single serial or USB port

• Drop in replacement for many standard micrometer heads on manual translation stages

• CE certified and RoHS compliant

See our TSB Linear Slides page for more information on compatible translation stages.


For more detailed information, visit Zaber's website:

The History of the Zaber linear actuator:
Back in 1997, when Zaber was founded, precision linear actuators were primarily based on DC motors with gearboxes and encoders requiring complicated motion control cards, bulky controllers, and separate driver amplifiers and power supplies. Precision motion control was expensive, difficult to set up, and cumbersome to use. Recognizing the demand for an inexpensive, integrated solution, Zaber Technologies introduced the world's first precision linear actuator based on a direct drive stepper motor with all communications and control electronics integrated in one small package. Other novel features little seen at the time included the ability to daisy-chain multiple units and to manually control the actuator via a built-in control knob while monitoring the position on a connected computer.

About Zaber:
Since 1997, Zaber has added over 120 products to its family of precision motion control and laboratory automation devices including linear actuators, linear slides, motorized x-y-z stages, rotation stages, motorized mirror mounts, and micro-stepping motor controllers. More information on Zaber is available on Zaber's website:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Bryan Cassidy
Marketing Manager
Zaber Technologies Inc.
2891 Steveston Highway
Richmond, BC, Canada
V7E 2J1
Toll free (North America): 1-888-276-8033
Phone: 604-276-8033
Fax: 604-648-8033



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