Affiliate PRO is one of the best affiliate software in the industry

Released on: September 18, 2008, 12:56 am

Press Release Author: Soft Service Ltd

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Summary information about affiliate software for owners of
eCommerce software.

Press Release Body: If you have eCommerce website you already mentioned that the
most difficult part in online sales is not service or products offered on your
website, but marketing of your services. World is really large and there are so many
customers searching and looking for good product, services, information or anything
else that they happy to pay for. It is hard to reach this large pie but each step to
get more traffic that fits your site theme is important and could not be missed.
Even if you set low price for the product and make it the best on the market if
people don't know of you and can't find you that will still not make any good sales.

That is absolutely clear - to make good sales on your eCommerce you have to get
professional advertiser or even better to get a team of marketing professionals. How
to find them? One of the available ways is searching in Google and you will really
find tons of offers from cheap to very expensive but you can't really determine who
is good and who is not. And here we have solution how to find out who is good - just
give adverisers commission for the sales instead of paying money for unknow
services. Pay for results! More sales they make - more money they earn. That is very
fair scheme which guarantees you real spending for real income and allows to do
financial planning carefully, estimation of budget for marketing and final prices
for the products. It is also good for professional advertisers who can earn more
selling your products that fits their marketing niche rather than cheap per-click or
per-impression earnings.

Don't think that you need affiliate software when real affiliate come to your site
and ask where he can send targeted traffic but get affiliate script the same time
with setup of shopping cart or any other online eCommrce system and start marketing
affiliate software as soon as possible. You will see that in few weeks you will
already get few affiliates interested in marketing of your services and if you are
lucky you can instantly get more traffic.

Affiliate PRO allows to setup individual products, product groups, membership with
per-click, per cent per-sale or fixed commission. The same time you can pay per
click and set certain commission structure for individual affiliates, give option
for existing affiliates to refer other webmasters and take 2nd tier commisson from
the sales they make. Any commission scheme is possible to setup and that costs only
$49 for the script, installation of software, integration with your eCommerce system
and marketing of your affiliate site in our new affiliate network.

So many benefits really worth that!

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Demakova 30/1, Novosibirsk
Russian Federation

Phone Number: (+7) 383-335-6402

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