Business Startups in a Down Economy Starting a Business a Surprising Trend During Recessions

Released on: September 2, 2008, 6:36 am

Press Release Author: Susan Daffron

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: These days, the victims of layoffs and the foreclosure crisis
may consider starting an Internet business because of the low cost of entry.

Press Release Body: SANDPOINT, Idaho The economy may be struggling, but that
doesn\'t mean it\'s a bad time to start a business. James Byrd and Susan Daffron of
Logical Expressions are proof that with a little planning, businesses launched
during an economic downturn can actually thrive.

These days, the victims of layoffs and the foreclosure crisis may consider starting
an Internet business because of the low cost of entry. During the recession of 1994,
James Byrd and Susan Daffron took that idea one step further. They started a
business in order to move to a location with a lower cost of living and to enjoy a
simpler lifestyle. Daffron says, \"We call ourselves techno-homesteaders because we
earn our living online from a remote location. Our business plan was also a life
plan. By lowering our overhead costs, we didn\'t need to earn as much money from our
business than if we had stayed in Southern California.\"

The couple\'s story appeared in the August 2008 issue of Redbook magazine in an
article called, \"Trust Your Gut. Change Your Life\" which chronicles the experiences
of 5 people who trusted their instincts and realized their dreams. Byrd and
Daffron\'s story explains how they started a business to escape \"cubicle hell\" and
city living to create a simpler more fulfilling life.

It may seem counter-intuitive to embark on a new business during a recession, but
historically, many businesses have been started during down economic cycles. Hewlett
Packard, Coors, Disney, Super 8 motels, and even Microsoft were all started during
economic doldrums.

In 1994, Byrd and Daffron were living in California, which was particularly hard hit
during the recession. Jobs were tight, layoffs were rampant, and real estate had
crashed. During a mountain vacation trip, the couple realized that if they started
their own business and telecommuted, they could leave Southern California and live
anywhere. Two months later, they formed their company, Logical Expressions

During economic downturns like the one in the early 90s and today, many people don\'t
consider starting a new enterprise, but Byrd and Daffron are proof that it can work
long-term. By moving to Idaho, the couple drastically lowered their living expenses
because at the time the cost of housing in Idaho was far lower than it was in
California. Working from home, strategically using technology, and driving
infrequently also keeps their overhead low. As Daffron points out, \"you only have
one shot at life; do you really want to spend it in a cubicle?\"

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