Classical Comedy Movie Gets New Life Through Black Widows Were They Mad or Not

Released on: September 5, 2008, 4:26 pm

Press Release Author: lynthomas

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: How many times did the two Grannies watch the classical
comedy movie \'Arsenic and Old Lace\' before they turned it into a living nightmare?

Press Release Body: Originally natives of Hungary, two women, from Los Angelos, have
been dubbed the \'Black Widows\'. Sitting stony faced, Helen Golay, 77 and Olga
Rutterschmidt, 75, were sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole.
(Whatever that means to women in their late seventies.)

The pair were found guilty, after having befriended two homeless men, aged 73 and
50, at an Eastern European church. They found somewhere for the men to live and
proceeded to take out policies on the men,(insurance-with-intent-to-murder). The
women had come across an insurance company which paid out, regardless of illness, or
accidental cause. \'No Hassle, No investigations\', is the companys slogan.

The two women signed the forms, using rubber stamps, on which they had transferred
the men\'s signatures. The grannies then arranged to have the two men to be
accidentally killed in hit-and-run accidents, in dark alleys.

Golay said she was the fianc of both victims, while Rutterschmidt said she was a
cousin. The two women collected just under $US3million, before their scheme was
discovered. The men had only been looking for some help in terms of food, water and
shelter. Sadly they got a lot more than they expected.

\"The two men you killed needed a helping hand. They thought they were getting this
from you. Instead these unfortunate men were sacrificed on your altar of greed,\"
Judge Wesley said in his closing comments. He had researched the word greed and
among other things, found the definition, \'A selfish desire for money, not to
purchase anything, but just to have it.\'

What were two elderly women going to do with all that money? Even more shocking is
the question of whether or not the women are responsible for other deaths, which
involved six life insurance policies. These were not paid out, because of suspicious
circumstances. Paul Vados and Kenneth McDavid were both crushed by cars, in 1999 and
2005. They were insured by Goly and Rutterschmidt.

Some things become classics, such as the 1934 song \'Blue Moon\', or films like
\'Arsenic and Lace.\' Very few ever evolve into real life. So were Goly and
Rutterschmidt extremely clever or quite mad? Did they act as morons with twisted
logic, lunatics who have no logic, or confused fools looking for entertainment. You
be the judge.

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