Credit Repair Businesses are no Longer Forced Into Using Inefficient Over-Priced Professional Credit Repair Software DisputeSuite

Released on: September 27, 2008, 12:27 am

Press Release Author: Michael Citron

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: For a long time the credit repair industry was forced into
using inefficient overpriced software to manage the credit dispute process. founders realized the issue and shattered the issue by launching a
comprehensive easy to use alternative to the over priced software commonly known in
the credit repair industry. Dispute Suite professional credit repair software
packages start at only $45 per month, thousands less than its closest competitor.

Press Release Body: Tampa,USA, September 27, 2008 -- Several functions of Credit
Repair Software have been identified as necessary functions. The most commonly
sought after functions include credit report management, dispute letter automation,
client management and dispute letter tracking. DisputeSuite doesnt only provide
solutions for these issues, it masters these functions.

Credit report management is provided with Dispute Suites interactive 3 in 1 credit
report management system. Disputed credit items are quickly entered into the system
and easily identified based on the several criteria including which credit reporting
agency (commonly know as credit bureau ie; Equifax, Transunion or Experian). Once
the item is entered in the system it is easy to view all dispute letters that were
previously created for an item, along with all of the intricate details of that
disputed credit item.

The Dispute Letter Library is an advanced function that is included with
DisputeSuite credit repair business software. The dispute letter library allows
users to categorize their custom dispute letters by any custom category name that
they choose making finding the individual letters easy. DisputeSuites standard
edition comes with a variety of letters that you are free to customize; it also
comes with the ability to create an unlimited amount of custom letters. Custom
letters are easily created in DisputeSuites custom letter generator.

The custom letter editor/generator that is included with DisputeSuites advanced
professional Credit Repair Software is easy to use. Membership benefits in
DisputeSuite include a variety of proven credit dispute letters. Credit dispute
letters can be customized in DipsuteSuites letter editor. DisputeSuite professional
credit repair software anticipated the demand for use and implementation of credit
repair businesses proprietary letters. Dispute Suite letter editor makes it easy for
an existing professional credit repair company to input their chosen letters. All
letter formats including Microsoft word can simply be cut and paste into dispute
suites easy to use letter editor. With DisputeSuite, an unlimited amount of fonts
can be used along with an unlimited amount of color and stationary options.

Client management functions that are included in DisputeSuites advanced
Professional Credit Repair Software are robust! All correspondence to the client can
be tracked in the client notes section. All credit dispute letters that were created
on behalf of your clients can be viewed with a click of the mouse. Letters can be
re-printed if needed or just viewed for content. was in various stages of development for approximately 2 years
prior to its launch in May of 2008. The lengthy development time is recognized in
DisputeSuites attention to detail and advanced features. DisputeSuite founders are
dedicated to providing the most robust AND affordable solutions for credit repair
industry professionals. In an effort to continually advance this ground breaking
software, DisputeSuite recently announced the upcoming release of its interactive
client portal. The interactive client portal will provide an advanced centralized
communication and status sharing site for users, clients and referral partners.

Client will be able to log-in to view the status of their credit disputes. Referral
partners will be able to log-in to see the status of the credit restoration process
of the clients that they referred. An important an pioneering feature of
DisputeSuites Portal is the inclusion of referral partner advertising on the
summary page of the client portal. Users will be able to add an unlimited amount of
referral partners to their system. The addition of each referral partner will
include uploading of their logo, photo and complete contact information. Once a new
client is added, the system will allow the referral partners that are currently in
the system to be attached to the client account Each time the client logs in to
check their status, they will see the photo, logo and contact information of the
individual that referred them. This feature will greatly assist in the retention
efforts of credit repair business referral partners such as; realtors, mortgage
brokers, auto dealers, attorneys, CPAs. EAs, check cashing companies etc.

The client portal is currently available for pre-purchase, existing users and
pre-purchasers are receiving significant discounts from its retail price of $1999
and $129 per month maintenance fees. For details on the significant pre-purchase
discounts and payment plans, check out for contact

Standard edition Advanced Professional Credit Repair Software
starts at only $45 per month with no setup or activation fees. The first 30 days of
service with are Free of Charge at
they let you try before you buy. Any questions are always answered by local friendly
experts that are eager to help! Check out for full

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Contact Details: Michael Citron

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