Endyra Denim (ED) Don`t Be A Clown Vote Limited Edition Hand painted Tee`sHighly anticipated

Released on: September 2, 2008, 7:18 am

Press Release Author: Dboe.

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Endyra Denim is undeniably one of the most expressive,
handcrated works of art introduced to the urban community. The relationship evolves
between handpaint and fashion: giving you a complete line of \"Detailed Hand Crafted
Fashionable Designs.\" Our designs give hidden themes and eminent meaning. Endyra
Denim is described as having three levels of artistic fashion: \"The Art\" who
represents the individual for all who is the creator, clever and crafty. The one
who accepts the unexcepected and wears with great enthusiasm. \"The Fashion\"
represents the creative,chich and stylish. The one who adapts with development. The
last is \"The Meaning\" that represents the implication, significance and its purpose.
The individual who feels the profound meaning though the expression of a creative
image.. ..
Endyra Denim (E.D)

Press Release Body: Endyra Denim.(E.D)

Queens New York September 2008, Endyra Denim announces toady the launch of Dont Be
A Clown Vote Tees. With the big presidential race quickly approaching, E.D lends
their support to Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Drawing attention to
the November 4th primary election date between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John

Endyra Denim has been for years committed to providing quality to our customers We
incorporate our slogan fashionable designs, and lasting impressions in every piece
E.D is undeniable one of the most expressive handcrafted works of art introduced to
the urban community. The relationship evolves between hand paint and fashion, E.D is
described as having three levels of artistic fashion. The Art, The Fashion and, The

With the new collection Dont Be A Clown Vote Tees are designed to make a political
statement in a high fashion manor. Infusing bright bold colors with unique 3d
effects, catchy slogans and clown graphics, E.D is about taking chances and
creating new trends and designs standing alone and never following the pack, theses
Dont Be A Clown Tees are sure to catch attention.

To order your very own Dont Be A Clown Vote Tee go to www.myspace.com/avadenera or
www.myspace.com/endyradenim or you can email endyradenim@gmail.com
E.D believes in change and encourages everyone that is able to vote to go out and
vote this November 4th for our next president every vote counts.

Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/endyradenim

Contact Details: contact info email avadenera@gmail.com or endyradenim@gmail.com

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