FreeCouponByPhone a popular voice broadcasting product praised by retailer`s periodical

Released on: September 29, 2008, 10:59 pm

Press Release Author: CREDmarketing

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Getting out the message by phone saves you and saves on
environment. A recent article verifies this out.

Press Release Body: Reaching your audience by phone is the most cost effective way
to be heard. You may be having a party, be a member of a political party, or a
party caterer. Businesses and private individuals like to get the message out.
Phone blasting, robo calling, and call blasting are all terms used for this cost
effective technology.

This from PMQ Pizza magazine:

How about this scenario: Joe's Pizza Shop wants to contact all the customers in
their computer system. Joe has the option of either recording his own phone message
or he can have a professional service record it for him. Thats where a new service
called Free Coupon By Phone comes in. Located in Brooklyn, Ohio, the company sends
out a message to Joe's customers on Wednesday night with the offer for a free medium
pizza with the purchase of a large pizza and the offer is good until Thursday night.
His customers can place an order by pressing "1" and the calls can either be
forwarded to a voicemail system for Joe's Pizza Shop to process, or it can be
transferred immediately back to the pizza shop itself. With such technology, the
possibilities are indeed
endless. . . .

You can view the complete article at

Features of FreeCouponByPhone are as follows:

The message to be sent can be recorded by the system calling you or you can upload
a nice customized message created on a personal computer.
Thousands of phone calls performed within minutes.
Phone lists can be generated via popular databases or keyed in to a simple file
prior to blasting.
Called individual can press key option during the call.

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Contact Details: Address: 19850 Parklane dr.Rocky River
Ohio, United States
Phone: 216-225-7774
Fax: 216-225-7774

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