Global Brands Being Told To Improve Customer Service Else They Lose Customers

Released on: September 18, 2008, 12:14 am

Press Release Author: Abbey Grace Yap / US Contact Point

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Global brands are being warned not to take customer service
for granted. A recent study shows that customers are more than willing to leave
their contracts for poor customer experience. Customers are in agreement that good
customer experience is one where the service provider knows who they are and what
they want.

Press Release Body: Cupertino, California Most global brands that provide health
care, insurance, telecommunications, and financial services are now faced with a
dilemma in the way they handle increasing volumes of customers from various media.

The challenge now is to get these global brand owners to familiarize themselves with
the customers and the various channels they use to interact with them or prepare to
lose their source of income.

A recent study done by Harris Interactive surveyed 2000 US adults who were
constantly in contact with various service providers like mobile phone providers,
credit card companies, Internet service providers, and the likes. 65% of the
surveyed individuals said that a personalized customer experience is important,
while 27% believe that it is very important. All survey participants agreed that
personalized service happens when the service provider knows who they are, their
buying history, their previous complaints, their preferences, and their billing

When asked what they would do if they were treated wrongly by their service
provider's phone representatives, 62% said they would probably cancel their service
agreement and switch to a different provider. As proof, 60% of the group that said
they would cancel had already done that in the past over a negative customer
experience. The general surveyed populace agreed that positive customer experience
is one where their needs were anticipated or met.

This proves to be very challenging for global brands that look after millions of
customers from various channel the Internet, the branches, the main store, the
agents, and the brokers. Managing a lot of products is one thing, having to
understand how to manage every individual customer is another.

But customer service representatives need to understand that poor customer
experience will take its toll on the business altogether. With people becoming more
aware of how bad customer service looks and sounds like, companies should already
anticipate what customers are expecting from their providers seamless and

With the continuously improving technology, creating a customer service tool
efficient enough to keep individual customer information and interaction history
should not be a problem. This will aid in giving customers the personalized customer
experience they feel that they deserve.

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