Greatwealthforyoucom - An Innovative Program Where You Can Earn A six figure income by working from home

Released on: September 1, 2008, 11:54 pm

Press Release Author: John Cosola

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: The website is an introduction to John
Cosola an entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Here he explains the key to internet
marketing success and how to make money from it.

Press Release Body: New York, USA September 2nd, 2008: John Cosola the Entrepreneur
coach and Internet marketing mentor is happy to announce the launch of his website
\"\" (Abunza Elite). This is a new innovative website where you
will learn how to generate a six figure income by working from home by utilizing
direct sales methods.

When you join (Abunza Elite) you will receive a large digital
library containing e-books and software\'s, as well as travel discount packages from
your back office through your own digital stores, in English and Spanish.

With this new program you can be sure in earning lots of money in just few days. And
you will also learn how to make10K per month without buying or selling any ads. It
is hard to imagine why no company before had thought of owning a piece of the 100
million people who are utilizing the internet today.

John said, \"In my business life I have been a self employed business owner since
graduating from the University of Maryland in 1986. I never actually had a regular
job and have always been my own boss. And I still am but now I work from home.\"

John added, \"I don\'t have the long hours, weekends and all the headaches that go
along with owning your own business anymore. I only wish I started working from home
20 years ago I would have had a lot more fun over those years. I always had the
money but not the time or the freedom to enjoy it, but now I have the time, and
freedom as well as the money to enjoy.\"

Now let\'s see How the System (Program) Works!

With (Abunza Elite), there are two ways to earn income:
Retail Sales - You earn 100% commission of every product sale to a retail customer
through your Abunza store. Retail customers simply pick a product that they want,
add it to their shopping cart, and pay you directly via their credit card. You own
complete resale rights to ALL these products to sell or give away as you wish.
Wholesale Sales - This is where you can earn big money.

On every $1197 sale of the complete Spanish and English digital library, you make
$947 on the first tier, and $250 every time someone you personally sponsor makes a
sale, as illustrated in the following diagram. If you choose to use one of our Dream
Team Sales Associates to make your calls and close your sales for you, you net $747
per sale after you pay your sales associate.

Sign up today at and receive 4 e-books FREE as a signup BONUS
and you can also find many useful software\'s in both English and Spanish, travel
vouchers that give you huge discounts on great locations. For more information

Web Site:

Contact Details: Media Contact:
John Cosola
31 Lewis Court
Huntington Station
New York
Phone: 631-421-4028

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