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Released on: September 2, 2008, 6:10 am

Press Release Author: Media Mentors

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: So much work goes into producing documents, which is why
theyre so long, but so little work goes into editing them.

Press Release Body: Good writing is good manners. You can both please and help your
public only when you learn how to be the first victim of your writing, how to
anticipate a reader\'s difficulties and to hear yourself as others hear you. -
Ritchie R. Ward (American novelist)

During my work running writing workshops and editing company documents, I am always
amazed at just how much work goes into producing these documents (which is why
theyre soooo long) and how little work into editing them. Dont people realise how
little time we all have these days? Why build up to a topic why not jump right on
in there and get to the heart of the matter? That way, we can work out whether we
are interested in the subject matter or not
So lets assume we are interested in the topic, what else could put us off reading?
Too many big words perhaps? And too many catch words and jargon. Try this for
size:This augers well to enhance our confidence in dealing with the challenges
ahead to realise the full potential of both our human and capital assets. To this
end we recently reviewed our strategies with the aim of optimising our fibre,
production and marketing capabilities and alignment is in the process of being
Sound familiar? If it does then youve got problems. Why do people think theyve
got to use big words to sound important. Last week on a writing training course,
I was told by the delegates that even if they wanted to write simply, their bosses
would want them to make it sound more complex - simply because Because they feel
they wont sound important enough with simple language. Why? Being clever isnt
writing with big words its writing so that everyone can understand what youre
trying to say.
And lastly dont forget to carefully edit your work, not only checking spelling and
grammar, but also spellings of names. In one document sitting on my desk right now
they quote a well known Cabinet Minister and then go on to spell his name wrong!!!
And its an English name, not an African one. This is totally unacceptable. If
you know your English skills are limited then get someone else to edit your work, or
better still get someone else to write and edit it. So far this article is 395
words long and by now youve read enough and Ive said enough so use this as an
example and say what youve got to say and then stop!!

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