LeadPro Email Marketing Adds Partner Friendly Features to Automate Routine Email Marketing Tasks

Released on: September 5, 2008, 12:24 am

Press Release Author: Paddu Govindaraj

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead management service adds
several partner friendly features in order to automate routine email marketing
operations carried out on behalf of their clients by the Partners.

Press Release Body: Troy, MI, September 05, 2008 -- LeadPro, a division of Troy
based Email Marketing, Sales Lead Management and marketing technology services firm,
today announced the addition of several automation features for use by its partners.
Using these features several email marketing related tasks can be easily replicated
in a couple of clicks, on behalf for their clients.

Partners using the LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead Management subscription
services, available at http://www.LeadPro247.Com, can reduce a lot of time and
efforts involved in replicating tasks such as setting up email templates, email
campaign messages and list definitions.

Many LeadPro partners, including Marketing Service Providers, Advertising Agencies,
Web Content Publishers and Lead Managers use LeadPro to implement Email Marketing
operations on behalf of their clients. Repetitive tasks such as setting up HTML
email templates and configuring email campaign messages for several clients is a
laborious and error prone process using a copy paste sequence.

For instance, a marketing service provider servicing mortgage loan officers will
have to setup hundred of email campaigns and drip email messages for each client.
The new automation features help the partners to implement the same for several
clients in a few clicks and then tweak the same, if required.

Another example is a service provider serving the real estate professionals.
Hundreds of templates and campaign messages can be replicated in a few minutes when
a new client is acquired.

LeadPro also provides custom configuration and consulting services for customers who
need assistance with implementing LeadPro for advanced email marketing and sales
lead management purposes. More information on LeadPro Email Marketing can be
obtained from http://www.LeadPro247.Com, via email from Sales@AnaghaGroup.Com or by
calling 1-877-9-LEADPRO (877-953 2377).

About LeadPro

LeadPro, a division of Troy based Anagha Group, provides the entire range of
services in Email Marketing and Sales Lead Management domain. Since the LeadPro
on-demand tool is an integrated database, customers can capture leads from multiple
sources, distribute, follow-up and track sales leads, manage opt-in and unsubscribe
processes, organize drip email campaigns with professionally designed HTML and text
email newsletters and promotions, track the results, measure the campaign
effectiveness, track the conversions and get a unified view of their prospects and
clients. LeadPro is provided as a subscription based on-demand service suitable for
all sizes of business organizations.

With no commitments or long term contracts, customer can utilize the 30 days trial
period to test drive the permission based email marketing and sales lead management
service before signing up for the pay-as-you-use subscription service. Enterprise
level customers can avail custom services and configuration support for integrating
lead management and email marketing.

LeadPro provides enterprise class services at affordable price. Advertising
agencies, marketing service firms, lead generation web site services and direct
marketing agencies can leverage the LeadPro service to significantly improve their
online marketing capabilities on behalf of their clients.

Direct users such as Builders, Realtors and Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage
Brokerage Service firms, Loan Officers, Law firms, Insurance and Financial Service
consultants, Contractors and Remodeling companies leverage the integrated email
marketing and sales lead management functions of LeadPro.

Anagha Group is a marketing and sales technology services provider. Other services
provided by Anagha Group include event operations and administration solutions,
membership management, event registration, payment processing and analytic
LeadPro Email Marketing
Email: PR@AnaghaGroup.Com
Phone: 248-275-1729
Fax: 248-275-1805
Website: http://www.LeadPro247.Com
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Web Site: http://www.LeadPro247.Com

Contact Details: Press Contact:
Paddu Govindaraj
LeadPro Email Marketing
3250 W. Big Beaver Rd Suite 429
Troy, MI 48084

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