Low cost personal teleprompter for video and audio production

Released on: September 21, 2008, 4:50 am

Press Release Author: MSI Prompt

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Whether you are producing video for a network or a small
scale audio production, a teleprompter is one of the most crucial additions to your

Press Release Body: MSI Prompt Professional is a personal teleprompter that allows
you to do most of the functions of these expensive software packages for a fraction
of the price. It is for use by people who want to make professional sounding audio
productions on their personal computer or add narrations to projects.

Unlike many other teleprompters it allows you to record your audio right inside the
program while viewing the scrolling text.

New Feature - Due to many customers requests we have also now made the scrolling
accessible with hot keys. By using the arrows on your keyboard you can control the
scrolling speed. Just click on the -[scroll speed]+ area and your ready to adjust
the speed of the scrolling to be faster or slower with your keypad arrows.

Because all the controls and the text are in the one screen you can adjust all the
features in real time. No need to compile and restart.

You can change the font size to suit your preferences instantly

You can change the colors of the text.

You can change the colors of the background

You can adjust the speed of scroll

You can pause, stop or restart at the click of a button.

It is a set screen size for PC only.

Updated Features Added for Professional Version

1. High Quality Mp3 Encoder Added ( LAME) with full Voice capturing feature.

2. Asks for File Overwrite Both for Mp3 and Text Editor

3. Hit Space to Pause Scrolling. Hit Space again to resume.

4. Hit Escape to hide tool bar. Hit Esc again to show.

MSIPrompt is a simple piece of software that will allow you to easily format and
present your scripts for producing quality audios for videos or other
presentations. It contains most of the features of products 5 and 10 times the

For more information visit http://msicoach.com

Web Site: http://www.msiprompt.com

Contact Details: Address: LPO Box 168, Mansfield

Phone Number:
Email: msincome@hotmail.com

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