Nattergalen, LLC offers Online Community Management as SEO and Web 2 Marketing services

Released on: September 1, 2008, 8:59 pm

Press Release Author: Marguerite Jusuf at Nattergalen, LLC

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Nattergalen, LLC started out as a solution to ease locating,
hiring and training a full time online Community Manager who deals with communities
that are complex for one person in the company to run part time, and too small to
justify compensation for a full time Community Manager .

Press Release Body: Since the companys launch in April 2008, Nattergalen has
partnered up with several leading community platform-developer and
software-as-a-service companies and offers community planning, strategy, brand
evangelism through ongoing community marketing management and feedback reporting.
Nattergalen also provides tech solutions for setting up white label platforms for
customize branding and personalization for customers and clients. In addition
Nattergalen offers the external role of community building which include web
marketing 2.0 and community building consultation as additional options. The core
of Nattergalen is driven by the belief that an online community can serve as a great
vehicle for a 2.0 marketing campaign - such as primary blog hosting, point of
referencing for outside bloggers and social media players to interact with one
another as part of a viral campaign.

Scott Hammond, Vice President of Business Relations at Nattergalen, LLC reassures
that, an online community can function as a market focus group. And since its
less structured than a traditional focus group, and open ended, you can get better
feedback and hear from your customers after they have had time to think and interact
with each other. We can monitor discussion to report feedback, and also place our
results in context by tracking not only a baseline poll result, but how many people
discuss the poll question in forums, how many replies their statements get, whether
these discussions sustain over time or not. An online community wont help you
sleep better, but contextual feedback can tell you if your customers are concerned
with the same issues that are keeping you up at night.

About Nattergalen, LLC
Founded by Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Marguerite Anne Jusuf
- Nattergalen, LLC is the leading provider of online community management services
that oversees daily management of all community communication, community
consultation; brand advocating, implementation and reporting of all content and
activity for clients and businesses, such as SaaS, Web startups, Media companies and
Fortune 500 companies. For more information or to schedule a company interview,
visit or contact

Web Site:

Contact Details: Press Contact:
Marguerite Jusuf

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