New LEI Laminating Provides Low Environmental Impact Alternative for Print Finishing

Released on: September 2, 2008, 4:54 pm

Press Release Author: Kaleigh MacKay

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Ultra X-press Printing, the leader in offset and digital
printing for the Vancouver BC region, announces a permanent change to its
Polypropylene delustre lamination services.

Press Release Body: Its important that we utilize as many recycled products and
services as possible. Ultra Xpress has recognized the significance of our impact on
the environment and are actively pursuing alternative methods and purchasing
products which will reduce our impact on the environment without sacrificing quality
or the need for unique product or image. Its not easy getting what you want while
maintaining the environment and staying within budget, but it is possible says
Salim Lakhani, President of Ultra Xpress Printing Inc.

An Example of change

Ultra X-Press Printing switched from polypropylene to L.E.I (Low environmental
impact) Laminate, which is made from biodegradable wood cellulose. The laminate
itself is made from a sustainable, renewable resource, and its durability is
comparable to that of the common choice laminate, polypropylene or polyester. While
there havent been any changes in the adhesive, L.E.I laminate offers an alternative
choice for many of the common printed products such as : business cards, tents
cards, presentation folders, and post cards.
While the cost of producing this product has gone up, Ultra X-press has absorbed
this cost and customers will not see a change in price.

Additionally, Ultra X-press prints on a standard stock of 30% recycled paper, with
options of stock from 30 up to 100% recycled and paper made from 10 to 50% of post
consumer waste.

Most of us can understand that saving the environment isnt going to happen
overnight, but if enough of us take one step at a time, we can facilitate change. By
making environmental alternatives readily available, thats just one step that Ultra
X-press is taking to make it easier for others to do their part too.

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Contact Details: Kaleigh MacKay
Marketing Director, Ultra X-Press Printing
Unit 403-119 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1S5
(Ph) 604-872-8943
(F) 604-872-8953


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