New book reveals just how easy it is for crooks to steal from your organization - and shows you how to prevent it

Released on: September 6, 2008, 8:43 am

Press Release Author: Mary Schaeffer, Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Fraud in Accounts Payable: How to Prevent It (John Wiley &
Sons; September 2008;) shows organizations of all sizes what they need to do to
prevent payment fraud of all sorts in their organizations along with strategies for
identifying it once it has occurred.

Press Release Body: Newark DE Although no one likes to admit this could happen in
their organization, fraud will occur in virtually every organization at some time or
another. In a survey conducted specifically for this new book, an eye-popping 87% of
the readers of Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow ( indicated they had
experienced fraud in their operations in the last 10 years. This eye-popping
statistic is confirmed by a second study. In a recent PriceWaterhouseCooper survey
very high level executives were asked about fraud. A startling 43% said they had
experienced a significant fraud in their operations in the last three years.

This is an issue no organization can afford to ignore, says Mary Schaeffer, author
of the newly-published Fraud in Accounts Payable and editorial director for the
respected newsletter, Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow. It is the
elephant-in-the-room issue for companies of all sizes, she notes. It addresses all
sorts of payment fraud issues including some not typically addressed in books on
fraud. These include Telecom fraud, spreadsheet fraud and fraud using the master
vendor file. In addition the topics of check fraud, p-card fraud, e-payment fraud,
travel and entertainment fraud, vendor fraud, employee fraud, invoice fraud and
petty cash fraud are dissected.

The book is filled with statistics that will make your hair stand up, over 50 real
life examples of fraud that occurred in various accounts payable functions along
with best practice advice on how to prevent, deter and detect fraud in the accounts
payable operations of any organization.

Review copies are available. The author is available for interviews and can arrange
for short excerpts for publication. Mary Schaeffer can be reached at 302 836 0540 or
by email at

About Mary S. Schaeffer: Mary S. Schaeffer, a nationally recognized accounts payable
expert, is the author of 16 books, primarily published by John Wiley & Sons and the
editorial director of Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow, a well-regarded payments
issue newsletter published by CRYSTALLUS, Inc. Ms. Schaeffer directs the firms
growing consulting practice. She is also a regular contributor to the AICPAs
Corporate Finance Insider. For additional information about Ms. Schaeffer please
refer to

Contact: Mary Schaeffer
302 836 0540

Title: Fraud in Accounts Payable: How to Prevent It
Author: Mary S. Schaeffer
ISBN: 0471221007
Pub. Date September 09, 2008
Price: $49 (hard cover)
Pages: 200

Web Site:

Contact Details: Mary Schaeffer
Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow
560 Peoples Plaza #197 Newark DE 19702

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