Nonprofit organization launches national daily news site

Released on: September 28, 2008, 9:49 pm

Press Release Author: The Daily Source

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: New site delivers news, columns, editorials, photos, videos
and more hand-picked from hundreds of sites around the Internet daily for free.

Press Release Body: WATERTOWN, Mass., Sept. 29, 2008 The Daily Source, an
independent nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the public, has launched a
service that brings high-quality news and information from all around the Internet
to the public daily in a single place.

We scour the web for high quality material - so our readers dont have to,
explained founder Peter Dunn. Most people dont have 20 hours in their day to spend
searching for high-quality news, so we do the work and put it in one spot for them.

Editors at scan over one thousand publications including daily
newspapers, television network sites, news magazines, journals, blogs and others to
find the best material. also gives readers easy access to establish
links to other news sources, including local papers, a favorite sports site, or any
sites of their choosing. The site allows seamless contact with members of the media
and elected officials, and information on over 850,000 non-profits one can donate to
or volunteer for.

Readers have the ability to rate the quality of articles they read, volunteer in
various ways, email articles to friends, or submit links to articles they think are
worthy of consideration for the front page. With all the features and opportunities
for interaction, represents a new experience for news readers.

The site has a paid staff of experienced journalists from around the U.S. including
Yvonne Lee, who prior to joining the Daily Source won an Emmy for her work covering
September 11 for CNN, and Vince Winkel, who has won 20 awards for excellence in
broadcast and online journalism while working for places like CBS, NPR, CNN and the

The site has dozens of volunteers who search for articles and created the front page
daily. The first stage of the Web was about traditional media churning out
quantity, the second was about everyday people producing quantity, and the currently
unfolding third stage is about finding the quality within the massive quantity,
explained founder Peter Dunn. Being part of that is what attracts the large number
of volunteers we have.

The Web site serves as a valuable resource for journalists, as a site they can visit
for story ideas, breaking news and key trends. is one of the first
sites I read every morning to find out see what the big stories of the day are,
said Tom Regan, currently head of NPRs online blog and a former front page editor
of the Boston Globes news site. I also find a lot of cutting-edge trends there
that we can blog about that I simply would not have the time to find otherwise.

The Daily Source aims to become the primary news resource for readers who want
intelligent, factual and accurate reporting, Dunn said. Whether its news, video,
op-ed material, or live chats its all in one place ready for people when they
come here.

A positive byproduct of the Daily Source service is that the news Web sites
publishing the best quality news stories receive additional web traffic through the
stories that links to. This enables them to keep publishing strong
quality material.

A recent poll by USA TODAY, CNN and Gallup found that only 36 percent of Americans
believe news organizations get the facts straight. America has lost confidence in
the media, but there is still some strong quality journalism available to the public
spread out in various places, said Dunn. As a public service, we collect it so
readers can get it all in one site from a place they can trust.

Peter Dunn Executive Director
The Daily Source
(617) 459-7709

Web Site:

Contact Details: Peter Dunn Executive Director
The Daily Source
(617) 459-7709

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