The film revolution has arrived in Sweden

Released on: September 10, 2008, 3:18 am

Press Release Author: Edithouse Communication

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Edithouse helped Revolver Film Company using the unique
camera Red One in the brand new video starring metal icons In Flames.

Press Release Body: The Red One camera is unique in many ways. Directors such as
Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh have acclaimed its potential. Now it is already
being used in Swedish productions. Gothenburg film communication company Edithouse
got their hands on a RedOne as soon as it became available. The first visible
result is the brand new video starring metal icons In Flames.

Edithouses first assignment using the RedOne is one for Patric Ullus of Revolver
Film Company, creator of the new In Flames video Alias. In Flames is one of the
truly great heavy metal bands in the world. They have toured with other major acts
like Iron Maiden and Sepultura. The new In Flames album sold in excess of 20,000
copies during the first week of its release in the USA alone.

Finally theres a usable alternative to 35 mm film, Patric Ullus says. I had been
hearing a lot of good things about the camera and was curious to see what it could
actually do. The original plan was for the RedOne to shoot some supplementary high
speed elements in 120 fps.

Once sessions were over and I started to log the material, I immediately realized
the great difference in quality. With Red I now could shoot with short focus depth
and with a blackness depth that can only compare to film. I meant to use only one or
two jumps from the RedOne, but I ended up using the camera for half of the video.

The video premiered on American MTV on September 4. The
video is also available on

Edithouse produces and distributes film, irrespective of the medium. For 20 years
Edithouse has been working around the world with Gothenburg, Sweden as the base
station. Employees include screen writers, directors, editors, 2D and 3D artists, as
well as flash, internet, dvd and BluRay experts. Edithouse has its own post
production with Flame, Smoke and sound studios.
Film production is the core of Edithouse. Clients include Volvo Cars, SAAB, SKF,
Volvo Penta, Saab Microwave Systems and a number of others.

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Contact Details: Niclas Bergman
Edithouse Communication
Tel + 46 31 13 99 50

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