Your Social Network Profile Could Get You A Great Job - New Online Business Tv Show Reveals How

Released on: September 3, 2008, 2:42 am

Press Release Author: David Chandler

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Business experts explain how social networking can help you
find staff and get headhunted in new business TV series from yourBusinessChannel.

Press Release Body: UK, London, September 03, 2008 -- Recruiters are quietly but
actively trawling social networks looking for candidates for confidential, top
quality jobs, recruiters at global recruitment company MRINetwork reveal in an
interview for a new expert business advice show from online business TV producer

The comments feature alongside those of other business experts in
yourBusinessChannels new Talent business television series which casts a spotlight
on all the latest aspects of recruiting and being recruited.

MRINetworks Stephen Kennedy, recruitment business expert and Managing Director of
MRINetwork Talent Partners, says recruiters are particularly active on the big
business networks like LinkedIn.

It is one of our first ports of call when were looking to identify top talent for
the search assignments that we work on, he tells viewers on the business TV show.

Debby Lloyd, Managing Director of MRINetwork EcoSearch tells the business news
television channel that its common for great opportunities to go unadvertised,
particularly in competitive industries where employers dont want their competitors
to know theyre planning to bring in a new strategic role.

Those are the ones that you really want to be tapped on the shoulder for. And we
cant find you if youre not out there on a social network.

As well as talking about how recruiters are using social networks, the Talent
business TV shows see business experts revealing what candidates need to put in
their profiles to make sure they are in the running for their dream job.

What makes the profile work is a flavour of the projects you\'re working on
currently, the challenges you\'re facing but also the kinds of key words you put on
your profile. That\'s the thing that brings us to you so use the key words in your
industry and well find you.

The business experts also reveal how employers can use social networks to ease their
recruitment headaches and connect with potential employees, particularly Gen Y
candidates who are notoriously difficult to attract.

Get a taste of the Talent series of business TV shows on YouTube. Also, see
yourBusinessChannels other great business TV shows featuring expert business advice
on talent from leaders like business expert Alexander Pepper from
PricewaterhouseCoopers and online entrepreneur, CEO of and business expert
Bob Young.

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