Yuko Hair Straightening And Various Other Hair Treatments From Compton Hairs

Released on: September 7, 2008, 11:20 pm

Press Release Author: Jim Wilson

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Compton Hair Salon offers Yuko hair straightening and other
methods for providing a lustrous and straight look to your hairs.

Press Release Body: Yuko hair straightening service that provides a great sleek and
straight look to your hairs is offered by Compton Hair Salon which is one of the
worlds finest and famous hair salons. It has been providing various hair treatments
to give a stylish and different look to their clients and was the first salon in
Europe to use the yuko technique.

There are different techniques to provide your hairs a silky and straight look
including Yuko system, X-tenso, Ionic retuxturising and Wella straight. Compton
Hairs has been using these techniques to provide the best services to their clients.

Compton Hair salon offers the yuko system of hair straightening that you may have
heard as its the popular hair straightening method all over the world. It has been
performing the yuko method very perfectly ever since it had the rights to perform
yuko repair for the clients.
The Yuko hair straightening treatment that is offered by Compton Hair salon is able
to give you straight hairs for six to nine months. After getting this treatment hair
styling can be much easier for you and without styling your hair dries straight or
with delicate wave on its own. And the glass like straight hairs can be achieved by
less styling efforts.
Other treatment that is offered by Compton Hairs salon is L\'Oreal\'s X-Tenso Cera
Thermic treatment. Various other techniques can also be used with X-Tenso in order
to gain a variety of looks.
Ionic retuxturising service is also offered by Compton Hair salon. Hair retexturing
is the solution of the problem when changing your hair color makes them dry and
lifeless as it helps you to get a new style without any frizz. It should also be
mentioned here that its a permanent method of hair straightening that can be used
without any risk of damage to the hair.
This treatment works by restructuring the structure of the ions around water
molecules, and allowing these new ions to penetrate the core of each hair to
condition and rehydrate. This process takes between three and four hours
To provide dynamic color an straightening to your hairs in one service Compton Hairs
uses a product for their clients named Wellastrate. It works by adding a neutralize
liquid to the colour shade that you choose for your hairs. Its hydrosafe complex
hydrates the hair while protecting the hair cuticles and preventing them from
getting dull, fragile and dry.
All these hair straightening treatments are offered by the Compton Hair salon with
their utmost dedication to their clients.

For more information about these hair treatments visit


Web Site: http://www.comptonhair.co.uk/

Contact Details: london

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