What bank or financial institution is right for you? Pioneer Services explains what military families need to look for when choosing


Released on: September 18, 2008, 12:45 am

Press Release Author: Scott Cahill

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Simple tips military families should consider when selecting a bank or financial institution. An article by Pioneer Services, Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank.

Press Release Body: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Sept. 18, 2008) For most families, choosing a banking institution can be a very involved process even in the best of economic times. But mix in the challenges of military life, tough economic conditions, and a lack of consumer trust in many different industries, and doing so can become a daunting challenge.

To help make the process easier, Pioneer Services has developed a free article for military families on how to comprehensively, effectively, and quickly choose a bank or credit union. Covering what fees to look for, convenience and service, the article also provides links to regulatory and ratings agencies for easy reference.

“Military families move around a lot, and even those who have used the same bank for years should make sure they get the best deal,” said Joe Freeman, Chief Operations Officer of Pioneer Services, the Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank. “Add in that the banking industry is facing some tough challenges, and then trust also becomes a factor. We decided to provide our service members some easy-to-use information on what to look for when picking a financial institution, as well as give them resources so they can fully trust whichever one they choose.”

The free article, and more than 30 others on a variety of personal finance topics, can be read at PioneerServices.com. Publishers interested in re-printing this article—or any others—free of charge can contact media@pioneerservices.com.

Pioneer Services, the military banking division of MidCountry Bank, provides responsible financial services and education to members of the Armed Forces that enhance their quality of life and financial independence. For more than 20 years, Pioneer Services has been a leader in military lending. They offer the protection and security of a personal loan with the speed and flexibility service members need. Through a network of offices and on the Internet, Pioneer Services offers loans, financial education programs, and supports military families and communities through a variety of partnerships, programs, and sponsorships.

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