teliad, the leading German text link marketplace, is now also available in English

Released on: September 15, 2008, 7:53 am

Press Release Author: teliad Internetmarketing GmbH

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Stuttgart, 15/9/2008 - teliad, the leading German text link
marketplace, is expanding worldwide and is now also available in English. Besides
English and German, the marketplace is also available in French, Italian and

Press Release Body: teliad is the German market leader in the field of text link
advertising. The company achieved a growth in turnover of 450 % in the business year
2007 compared to the previous year. On account of this extraordinary success on the
German market, the establishment of an international text link marketplace was, for
Andreas Armbruster, founder and CEO of teliad, a natural strategic measure for the
companys further development. Alongside the consistent expansion and improvement of
the product range, the current corporate strategy is aimed at growth.
Internationalisation is an important part of the corporate strategy. We are growing
rapidly. The numbers of enquiries and registrations from new foreign customers have
increased strongly during the past few months. However, it has been difficult up to
now for foreign customers to find their way in the German marketplace. We are now
very well equipped with German, English, Spanish, French and Italian and can reach a
large target group. Through the English marketplace in particular we can reach
customers all over the world. English is understood by a large proportion of web
users, especially those who are involved in e-commerce. We are sure that we will
grow quickly internationally. Even now, awareness of teliad already exists beyond
the borders of Germany, explains Andreas Armbruster. The international portal will
be attended to from the Stuttgart site. However, there will be support in the
respective national language. In addition the company provides a detailed
information and FAQ area, which is intended to provide information to foreign
customers on all questions surrounding the topic of text links.

Text link advertising is an effective form of online advertising. As direct HTML
links, text links contain an advertisement in text form with brief written
information. They specifically raise the relevance for search engines and, as a
result, increase the number of visitors. teliad makes text link trading simple and
effective with its marketplace. The company offers a user-friendly platform with a
series of useful core functions, such as a free customer account, a clear system for
managing the text link bookings and offers, and regular emails informing about all
activities. Customers can save themselves the time-consuming search for suitable
link partners, the laborious processing of payments and the constant checking of
paid text links. Besides simple text links, teliad also offers the self-developed
innovative products Content-Links and InLinks, which are aimed at integration of
the text link in the content area of the webpage. The new text link products differ
from regular text links in that they methodically target the valuable content area
of a webpage. With Content-Links, the advertiser can book a complete section or an
area of the content area, which he can then place himself. This could take the form
of small ads, articles or complete blog entries. On top of that the advertiser can
set a text link in this area, hence guaranteeing a particularly effective
advertisement. InLinks are text links that can be booked inside a text which the
seller has already specified. The buyer thereby purchases a text link to a keyword
within an already existing text on the webpage. Following the booking, the static
word is linked to the buyers URL.

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Contact Details: Press contact
Melanie Freda
Head of Marketing
teliad Internetmarketing GmbH
Kreuznacher Strae 62
70372 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 (0)711 9011 578
Fax: +49 (0)711 9011 579

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