10 Tips For Proper Golf Etiquette That Every Golfer Will Be Glad To Know

Released on: October 9, 2008, 10:34 am

Press Release Author: Points West Argo

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: The golf experts at Points West Argo have gathered the
following list of 10 tips to help golfers improve their golfing etiquette.

Press Release Body: Yuba City, CA - To help you keep up with proper golf etiquette,
here are a few tips from the golf experts at Points West Argo.

"The game of golf is challenging, fun, and organized all at the same time," notes
Tom Tomlinson of Points West Argo. "However, to make the game easier on participants
and more pleasant for all, golfers keep in mind certain loose rules, or etiquette."

1. Swing Safely
When practicing your swing, be sure to practice as safety as possible. It's easy to
get a little carried away and throw up rocks and dirt when practicing your swing, so
face away from other golfers and at a fair distance.

2. Tee on Time
Be on time to tee on time! Golf is often run on a tight schedule and being late for
your tee off can alter everyone else's schedule as well as make you seem careless.

3. Mind your Neighbors
Before beginning your game it is courteous to make sure the players before you are
completely out of range. This is for safety reasons just as much as courtesy

4. Give Warning
If you are about to make a swing that could hit someone you can or cannot see, it is
both kind and appropriate to yell a little warning. The traditional and most
recognized word is "fore", pronounced "four".

5. Drive with Diligence
When driving a golf cart, drive carefully and safely about the course. Make sure to
take notice of the courses particular rules and restrictions on carts and follow
them soundly.

6. Practice Pace
Keeping up a good pace during the game is kind to your present company as well as
golfers behind you. You wouldn't want to wait on the group before you every time you
came to a hole either, so think ahead on which club to use.

7. Clean Up
Ball marks and Divots are inevitable in the game of golf, and not a problem as long
as you're considerate enough to repair them before you move on to the next hole.
Also, properly replacing the flagstick when leaving a hole is greatly appreciated.

8. Out of Line
It is considered rude to step in another golfers line (the line is an invisible line
between the golfers ball and the hole), and should be avoided at all costs.

9. Quiet is Key
Most golfers enjoy silence when hitting, and appreciate your cooperation. Talking
between hits and traveling between courses is fine, but try to stay silent while
others are in play as it is a standard courtesy in golf.

10. Make your Mark
Mark your ball when you arrive, so even if other balls are nowhere close, you know
it won't be in the way. It may seem like a nuisance, but it's worth not having your
ball knocked or another players hit altered.

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