AkshayaPatra(dot)org - A Mission To Feed Millions Of Underprivileged Children

Released on: October 12, 2008, 11:05 pm

Press Release Author: Ajay K

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: "AkshayaPatra.org is promoting and encouraging the education
of underprivileged children because they believe that education can unlock the
vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty"

Press Release Body: The AkshayaPatra Foundation (TAPF) was founded in 2000, to
address the dual challenges of hunger and education in India. The organization
provided nutrition-rich midday meals to extremely underprivileged children in India
with the aim of increasing school enrollment, reducing drop-out rates, and improving
academic performance.

The AkshayaPatra program had a simple vision: "No child in India should be deprived
of education because of hunger." Since India is having enormous population, this
vision was difficult to realize. So, in order to fulfill this vision it is feeding
1,500 students in five schools in Bangalore. It was one of the first organizations
in the region to provide freshly cooked, hot and nutritious, balanced meals, and
within six months of starting the program, it had requests from 3,000 schools.

AkshayaPatra is funded through a combination of government subsidies and private
donations. Donation is the fastest and easiest way in which you could help these
underprivileged children.

Millions of hopeful children are waiting for you, even a small contribution can make
a big difference.

There are several ways to donate to AkshayaPatra to provide a good standard of
education so that the children will have better opportunities in life.

6 Reasons to become a donor of AkshayaPatra:

# To free underprivileged children from the pangs of hunger
# To empower them with an access to education
# To enable them think clearly and work effectively
# To alleviate malnutrition problem
# To foster development of rural and semi urban areas
# To fulfill our social responsibility

Now, you too can help needy children to live their childhood with smiles on their
faces by just becoming a volunteer, a fund raiser or a donator.

Want to join your hand with http://www.AkshayaPatra.org and be a part of this
mission in helping underprivileged children? Then please choose the way you want to
donate NOW!

Make your contributions by phone, internet, cheque, mutual funds, pay pal etc...

"Your Support Can Change Lives...Spare Two Minutes for an Underprivileged Child"

Web Site: http://www.akshayapatra.org

Contact Details: Ajay K
Hare Krishna, Hill West of chord Road
Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Karnataka - 560010
Phone: 1800 425 8622

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