Anovasoft AS - Secures Worldwide distribution of SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition

Released on: October 13, 2008, 2:52 am

Press Release Author: Anovasoft AS

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: With SoftRescue Pro Edition you can easily and efficiently
set up a new computer without CDs, DVDs, or serial numbers! It's the perfect tool
for anyone buying a new PC or who has to reinstall Windows on their current

Press Release Body: Anovasoft AS - Secures Worldwide distribution of SoftRescue(tm) Pro

Anovasoft AS has signed publishing agreements that secures worldwide distribution of
SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition. Every now and then any PC needs to have the operational
system reinstalled due to slow system running, viruses attack and other unpleasant
problems. This process, in any case, requires all the applications and files to be
reinstalled all over again. How to avoid this routine? SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition is
the answer. The most accurate and reliable utility that transfer software, games,
files and email onto the newly installed Windows, or onto the new PC without any

Bergen, Norway - September 4, 2008: Anovasoft AS today announces the release of
SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition, software that will help people with setting up their new
computers. It often happens so, that reinstallation or the new programs and games
takes days and even weeks to finalize. Now, there is no need in looking for the
original CD's or DVD's, installation files or serial keys. The software will save
those days of frustrating reinstallation work as everything is done on 'auto-pilot'.
After reinstallation, all the programs, games, updates, patches and configurations
will be safe and sound, in perfect functionality; the system will be free from
viruses, worms, hijacker and spy ware.

The transfer is started by scanning the PC installed software, games and e-mail. But
beforehand, it's advisable for the user to make sure that all applications work
properly. Afterwards, the destination for the transfer archive, files and e-mail to
be transferred is selected. Then the user should choose programs and games to be
transferred to the new Operational System installation. And, finally, by clicking
the 'Rescue Now' button the transfer file will be written to the selected location.
After the data is saved, the user should open SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition on the new PC
and, by selecting the applications to be restored, begin with the 'Restore Software'

Pricing and Availability

SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition works on Windows 2000/XP SP 2 /Vista computers with minimum
system requirements - Pentium 300Mhz, 128MB RAM, 800x600 pixels screen resolution,
supports the same language on both the old and new PC. SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition is
NOT compatible with Windows 64-bit Operating Systems!
SoftRescue(tm) Pro Edition is available at 69.95 USD.

About AnovaSoft

AnovaSoft, first founded in 2006 and later as AnovaSoft AS in March 2007, is a
Software Development company focusing on timesaving redeployment tools and copy
protection systems. Anovasoft AS develops innovative software solutions with the
highest level of quality. The company paves the way towards revolutionary new
technology in terms of redeployment tools and copy protection systems.


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Anovasoft As
Fjellsdalen 3
N-5155 Bnes

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Contact Details: Address: Fjellsdalen 3, Bergen

Phone Number: 4753502285

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