Mother`s Cookies Circus Animals Crumbled!

Released on: October 16, 2008, 7:05 pm

Press Release Author: M A Adams

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: The Pink and White Circus Animal Cookies we know and love
have been abandoned.

Press Release Body: After 94 years of wonderful cookie making and baking, Mother's,
the bakers of Original Circus Animals cookies, was shuttered last Friday.
The wonderful and tasty Pink and White Circus Animal cookies with the sprinkles on
top, will no longer be made in the Oakland, CA plant, workers were told late Friday
The Current owner of Mother's Cookies, Catterton Partners, a private equity firm in
Greenwich, Conn., told workers last Friday: "[we]could not keep competing with the
cookie monsters" and retain its flagship location in Oakland, CA."
The original founder of Mother's, who started the bakery 92 years ago in Oakland; CA
was a former newspaper peddler. When he hired his first employee, who he later
married, the company took off when the word got out about how wonderful his cookies
In a statement released by Catterton: "[we] took a number of actions to remedy" the
company's financial crisis, "but these actions were not sufficient to overcome the
losses and return Mother's Cake & Cookie Co.... to profitability."
Mother's Cookies employees, about 225 of them, found out Friday that their jobs were
crumbling when management announced that baking was being transferred to other
An employee of the plant for 25 years told reporters: "People were crying, people
were in pain,'' about the closing of the plant and losing their jobs with out any
prior notice from the current owners.
When word of the abandonment of the famous animal cookie got out, store shelves have
been emptied by loyal consumers of the delightful and delicious cookie. After much
research we have located a short video about the cookies and possibly where you can
still obtain a bag or two of the circus cookie:

Web Site:

Contact Details: M A Adams
PO Box 475
Maricopa, CA 93252

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