New Leathered Hunter S Thompson Making his Way into Political Journalism

Released on: October 7, 2008, 12:50 am

Press Release Author: Sean Lindberg

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary:, a new political blog on international
politics with a highly controversial and humoristic angle, officially launches on
the 15th of Oktober.

Press Release Body: Copenhagen, DK, October 07, 2008 -- October 07, 2008 -- The
Editor-in-Chief is a young and feisty member of Mensa and Law student in lacuna,
Sean Lindberg, who in his own words purveys an intellectual, satirical perspective
on foreign affairs that promotes equality and understanding between societies and
cultures. Articles such as "Sex, Drugs,and Politics" and "Who's on Top" are very
humoristic but also have bold statements that are bordering the misogynistic. The
goal is either to change your mind or make your own belief stronger. To Sean it's
not controversy, it's simply balancing poetic justice to the inundate writings of
traditional medias.

"If Presidential Candidates are going to act like A-list flick stars, their press
hype should be treated as such too! If I catch Obama stepping out of a limo lacking
undies the world is going to hear about it. If recipes are postiche, then I will
barbecue their balder parts"

Sean's Grandmother disagrees with him, however. In a letter to her grandson, she
explained that Sean would know that he couldn't make such bold, repulsive statements
on political figures if he hadn't dropped out of Law School. In a statement, she
said, "Sean should appeal to a more selective audience, the cultural elite, instead
of writing such atrocious things about other people. He's too infatuated with 'The
United Bluff' and the Republicans. I actually think he might begin to write hateful
nonsense about the fuzzy wuzzies (ed. immigrants). I expect a lot more of him."

Sean took his Grandmother's letter under advisement and decided to let her blog on Now, she has her own blog called "Grandma's Blog" where she
presents her perspective on the world of politics, often disagreeing with her
grandson (and the rest of the world).
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Sean Lindberg
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