New technology allows employees to clock in via text message

Released on: October 16, 2008, 11:49 am

Press Release Author: Chance Cook/

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: now uses SMS text messaging to track employee
time. This new technology will assist companies in tracking their mobile employees
and those who work numerous locations.

Press Release Body: HOUSTON, Texas (October 16, 2008) - Revolutionary time and
labor tracking company announced today that it now offers clients the
advanced technology of allowing employees to clock in and out using their cell
phones. There will be no extra charge for this new time-saving feature, which will
assist companies in tracking their mobile employees and those who work numerous

Using SMS technology, otherwise known as "short messaging system", employees using's powerful and easy to understand, on-demand system can now confidently
clock in and out-for the day or for breaks-using simple text messaging.

Here is how it works. Each cell phone has a unique 10-digit number: the area code,
three-digit prefix and four-digit number. These numbers are completely and totally
unique to those cell phones and cannot be changed or mimicked. has based
its new technology on tying the unique phone number to a specific employee. That
unique phone number is linked to the employee's account in the HourDoc system and
can make time entries for only that employee.

When an employee clocks in via their cell phone, they essentially call the HourDoc
system and send a basic text message. The text messages are commands for the system, and the employee chooses one of four text message commands.
They are "in", "out", "bin" or "bout". These stand for "clocking in", "clocking
out", "taking a break/clock in" or "taking a break/clock out". The HourDoc system
then receives these SMS text messages, and posts the according time entries to that
employee's electronic timesheet.

"This allows employees chosen by management the opportunity to simply clock in and
out using their cell phones," said President Dan Smith. "So if you have
employees that need to be out in the field, by using they don't have to
physically go to the company's location, clock in and then head out to the job site.
They can just clock in once they arrive at the site using their cell phones, saving
the company time and ultimately money."

It takes two minutes for the data to be entered into the client's account, but the
HourDoc system will consider the incoming data "live." In other words, it makes the
time entry at the exact time the text message was sent, not the time it was received
into the HourDoc system. Just like a normal text message, if the cell connection is
interrupted, the SMS text message will hold in the phone's internal computer and be
automatically sent once the signal is again re-established. It will also use the
original time the SMS text/time entry was sent by the employee.

"This is truly what sets the system apart from every other time and
labor tracking system on the market today," Smith said. "Our programmers and
executive management are again proving that is the premiere system for
any company seeking to affordably manage their workforce, and we continue to respond
to our client's ideas and push the programming envelope further." is an easy-to-use, web-based time and labor tracking system that
provides companies advanced online tools to monitor and manage their employees.'s scalable time management technology is specially designed to expand to
meet the unique needs of growing businesses. A proven and affordable
software-as-a-service solution, HourDoc replaces tedious manual time entry and
reporting processes by allowing employers to tap into real-time labor data on-demand
so they can readily assess and manage work schedules, time and payroll reports, and
staffing needs anytime or anywhere. For further information about the company and
these statistics, visit

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