Shenoa and Company - Advises Clients On Price and Scope Of Buying Jewelry

Released on: October 22, 2008, 10:26 pm

Press Release Author: Blane Perun

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Shenoa & Company understands that in order to have repeat
customers, there is a need to educate the consumer on price & scope of what a client
wants within their budget.

Press Release Body: New York, NY / October 21, 2008 - Shenoa & Company understands
that in order to maintain this aggressive sales growth, they need to stay true to
their values and continue to educate and more importantly listen and advise their
clients on what how to get the best value for their money. "Since we opened our
doors, we have instilled in all our staff that it is imperative to go the extra mile
for EVERY client" exclaims Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa and Company.

This can be very challenging in today's economy a lot of people seem to be
researching and sort of "kicking the tires" more frequently than in the past. To
combat this challenge the team at Shenoa & Company has continued to make staff
training and customer satisfaction the highest priority.

"Our entire team is pushing the envelope to provide the tools, speed and
information, so that our sales team can help our customers make the right decision
and enjoy their shopping experience with Shenoa Diamonds." states Blane Perun, VP of
Online Marketing for Shenoa Diamonds. By combining technology, tools and a complete
understanding of their customers, Shenoa & Company is going to continue the ongoing
success to be the best in the jewelry industry.

About Shenoa: Founded in 1980, Shenoa and Company is one of the fastest growing
online retailers of certified diamonds and jewelry. With photos, drop down menus
and special features, the Shenoa Web site makes it easy and affordable to shop for

Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Company
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Company
Phone: (866) 743-9268

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