Shenoa and Company Enjoys 3 Straight Quarters of Double Digit Growth

Released on: October 13, 2008, 6:54 pm

Press Release Author: Blane Perun

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Shenoa & Company's exploding growth has the jewelry industry
and competitors alike shaking their head and wondering how they do it.

Press Release Body: New York, NY / October 6, 2008 - Shenoa & Company has been
staying the course and pouring all their efforts into their quest to be a leader in
the sales of jewelry online. Shenoa's implementation of industry best practices and
refinement of their own best practices and proprietary technologies have enabled the
team at Shenoa & Company to leap ahead of several of their closest rivals. This over
night success actually has been a 5-year work in progress.

The ethos that Shenoa and Company shares with any business is "The Customer is
Always Right!" This statement actually elicits a "No-Da" response to even the casual
reader. Obviously your customers are your most important asset and you need to do
everything possible to make their experience is enjoyable and rewarding. "Having
been involved in online marketing and specifically e-commerce since the late 90's,
one fact that stands true is that No Man is an Island", notes Blane Perun, VP of
Online Marketing of Shenoa Diamonds. Mr. Perun went on to provide additional
evidence regarding the exponential growth that Shenoa & Company has enjoyed for the
last 3 straight quarters!

Shenoa & Company has created and embraced the proper structure that is needed to
handle the ongoing growth and change that comes with becoming an industry leader in
the sales of jewelry online. "The challenge for any company dealing with growing
pains is being able is to be proactive and not reactive to the conditions in the
market place", explains Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa and Company.

A key component to Shenoa & Company's success is to continually define and empower
staff with the training, skills, support and initiative to exceed the expectations
of their valued customers. Technology is the bedrock that enables the staff at
Shenoa & Company to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience to their clients.
"This is definitely the A-Team, I look at our employees and business partners as
extended family. From sales, fulfillment, customer service, programming and the
entire administrative staff, its imperative that everyone comes together and gives
it their all so that Shenoa & Company can continue to climb that mountain of
success!" boasts, Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa and Company.

About Shenoa: Founded in 1980, Shenoa and Company is one of the fastest growing
online retailers of certified diamonds and jewelry. With photos, drop down menus
and special features, the Shenoa Web site makes it easy and affordable to shop for

Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Company
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Company
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

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