Shenoa and Company`s Key To Success - Teamwork and Technology

Released on: October 13, 2008, 6:57 pm

Press Release Author: Blane Perun

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Shenoa & Company understands that to be a leader in the sale
of jewelry online requires a delicate balance of leveraging technology with the
laser-focused efforts of every team member.

Press Release Body: New York, NY / October 8, 2008 - Shenoa & Company like a
flawless diamond, knows there is always something below the surface that could be
better. This metaphor is a strong example of how Shenoa & Company, specifically
their website, works. Purposely, the entire website is constantly being reviewed,
revised and enhanced on a daily basis. "Our mission is to provide our clients with
an experience that gives them the resources, knowledge and assistance to make an
informed decision before they buy any piece of jewelry. Internally, our team has
been tasked with culling our customers' feedback and uses it to further enhance our
site" notes Blane Perun, VP of Online Marketing for Shenoa Diamonds.

Like all successful companies, Shenoa & Company has their corporate mission
statement, 10-5 year, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals visible to
all employees in all departments. "It is imperative that there are frequent reviews
by the management team to provide their direct reports with the tools, training,
confidence and knowledge to reach our goals" explains, Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa
and Company.

So how is this marriage of Teamwork and Technology working out? It seems that as in
any relationship it is imperative to understand what is the goal? How can we use the
speed, accuracy and fulfillment that the technology allows and couple that with
human interaction and customer service that the team can provide to Shenoa &
Company's valued customers.

The team at Shenoa & Company have been tasked with constantly improving and
brainstorming on how they can enhance and perfect not only their daily scope of
work, but suggestions of how to improve the company as a whole. "It all starts with
hiring utility players, meaning we do not have the luxury of bringing someone
onboard that is not cable or willing to go outside their job description for the
betterment of the team" notes Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa and Company.

About Shenoa: Founded in 1980, Shenoa and Company is one of the fastest growing
online retailers of certified diamonds and jewelry. With photos, drop down menus
and special features, the Shenoa Web site makes it easy and affordable to shop for

Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Co.
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Co.
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

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