Skrivanek Translation and Localization Services Expanding Its Presence in Moscow, Russia!

Released on: October 15, 2008, 2:33 am

Press Release Author: Skrivanek Group

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services Expanding Its
Presence in Moscow, Russia!

Press Release Body: Contact: Alice Habartov
Phone +420 731 428 380

Press Release
Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services Expanding Its Presence in Moscow, Russia!

Prague, October 15th, 2008: Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services, a
top-class global language solution provider based in the Czech Republic, is
strengthening its presence in Russia.

"It is absolutely essential to be here in order to proceed with demanding Russian
language projects in the top class quality and quick turn-around times expected by
our clients," says Aiga Veckalne, the Executive Manager of Skrivanek for Baltic and
Russian operations. "All in all, the market demand shows that our local presence in
Russia is giving our clients better results, thus keeping the budget under control."

The centrally located office will be able to locally fulfil all Russian language
needs that have been arising lately. Skrivanek's solid base of local translators,
proofreaders and DTP specialists guarantees top quality translation and effective
project management in Russian.

Whatever field you work in, Russian is becoming the essential language you need to
work with. In today's world, it is absolutely necessary for successful international
companies to include Russia in their global reach map. Russia is a country with a
huge lucrative potential for all prospective companies but knowledge of the language
and local customs is crucial for business success. It is extremely important to have
your product fully localized for Russian markets, to have a Russian version of your
website and all presentational materials.

At Skrivanek, we have been working and researching on the Russian market for a
couple of years already and are now all set to fully implement all of our experience
into major global projects. Despite the Russian market being economically
temporarily depressed, the demand for the Russian language is actually constantly
growing. Russian is the most widespread language in Eurasia and the most widely
spoken Slavic language in the world; it is spoken as an official language in 10
countries and its growing importance is significant not only in the business world
but also in diplomacy, culture and technical fields.

About Skrivanek
Skrivanek is a world leader in the provision of language services, specifically:
Translations spanning a number of languages and the effective localization of
products on international markets. Established in 1994, it has quickly managed to
dominate the Central European translation market, creating a network of outlets
spanning 51 cities worldwide. Its well-stocked staff of professional translators,
experienced project managers, and dedicated software engineers and programmers have
enabled Skrivanek to provide translation and localization services in any
conceivable language and area, building up an enviable clientele in the process.
Skrivanek's quality of service is further backed by EN ISO 9001:2001 certification.
To find out more about Skrivanek, visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Pod Klaudiankou 4B, 14700 Prague, Czech Republic
+420 261 198 183

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