Skrivanek Translation and Localization Services to Present Machine Translation Post-Editing Services at the Localization World Conference in Madison

Released on: October 2, 2008, 6:14 am

Press Release Author: Skrivanek Group

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services to Present
Machine Translation: Post-Editing Services at the Localization World Conference in

Press Release Body: Contact: Alice Habartová
Phone +420 731 428 380

Press Release
Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services to Present Machine Translation:
Post-Editing Services at the Localization World Conference in Madison

Prague, October 2, 2008: Skrivanek Translation & Localization Services, a top-class
global language solution provider based in the Czech Republic, will once again be
participating at the Localization World conference in Madison, Wisconsin, from
October 13 to 15, 2008.
Localization World is the most reputable conference for localization and translation
As a leader in the field, Skrivanek will be holding a presentation on Training
Post-Editors in the official conference program, thus sharing its experience in this
An Stuyven, the speaker of the MT Post-Editing workshop and Executive Manager of
Skrivanek for West-European markets sums up: “The demand for machine-translation
technology is rising as business, finance, education, and the Internet are becoming
increasingly international and multilingual. Machine Translation technology has been
continuously improving and its importance on the translation market is growing
rapidly. At Skrivanek, we know how important it is to include machine translation
and post-editing into the translation process of our clients. At the time when
budgets and production cycles are getting shorter but, at the same time, the number
of languages used in multilingual content websites or company materials is growing,
the client needs to speed up the process and receive quality large volume outputs in
shorter turnaround times and for less money. Therefore, services such as machine
translation and post-editing are one of the future workflow options.
I am looking forward to sharing my experience in training post-editors and
processing MT post-editing services with all industry professionals at the
All the conference participants are cordially invited to this workshop on Tuesday,
October 14, at 12 p.m.
The conference aims to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information,
innovation and best practices in the language and translation services and
technologies market. For the success of this mission, it is critical that the demand
and supply of information meet each other in an unprejudiced and objective
environment. The conference brings an opportunity to exchange valuable experience in
discussion and attend many diverse presentations and seminars on a variety of
localization-related topics.
It is run twice a year in different corners of the world each time on a different
continent; and it gathers top language service providers and major global
corporations working with languages on a daily basis.
The Skrivanek GROUP is a regular exhibitor there and over the years has gained
respect for innovative language solutions from within translation companies and
their corporate clientele.

About Skrivanek
Skrivanek is a world leader in the provision of language services, specifically:
Translations spanning a number of languages and the effective localization of
products on international markets. Established in 1994, it has quickly managed to
dominate the Central European translation market, creating a network of outlets
spanning 51 cities worldwide. Its well-stocked staff of professional translators,
experienced project managers, and dedicated software engineers and programmers have
enabled Skrivanek to provide translation and localization services in any
conceivable language and area, building up an enviable clientele in the process.
Skrivanek’s quality of service is further backed by EN ISO 9001:2001 certification.
To find out more about Skrivanek, visit

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Contact Details: Alice Habartova
marketing specialist
Pod Klaudiankou 4B, 14700 Prague, Czech Republic
+420 261 198 183

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