U Name it, We Deliver it - A One Stop Site For Bathroom Accessories

Released on: October 9, 2008, 5:55 am

Press Release Author: James Chapman

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Bella bathrooms, one of the leading organizations that
provides all the required accessories for your bathrooms. The organization has
proved to be the finest in its class of accessories with their eye catchy models and
a variety in their accessories. They also bring the freshest expressions of
creativity and ingenuity.

Press Release Body: October 2008 - In recent years, the bathroom has become an ever
increasingly important part of the home. The bathroom is deemed to be as important
as any other room and, as such, requires special attention in terms of furnishing
and layout. This mission inspires Bella bathrooms to produce a range of Bathroom
Fittings and accessories made of solid brass with elegant and sparkling Chrome

Their Products ranges from Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Fitting, Corner Glass
Self, Front Glass Self, Luxury Bathroom Accessories, Decorative Bathroom
Accessories, Designer Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Soap Dish, Bathroom Towel Rack,
Brass Bathroom Accessories, Towel Rails, Toilet Paper
Holder, Electric Towel
, Heated Towel
, Brass Towel Rack.

The website www.bellabathrooms.co.uk
also helps to create an own user account for each customer thereby helping them to
have an account of their purchase and also about how much they have actually
purchased from the organization. The organization also displays the recently viewed
pages thus helping the customers to have easy access to previously viewed pages at

A part from possessing a stunning amount of accessories, it also offers scope for
shopping online thereby making work even more easier. It is almost like "having a
cake and eating it too". Apart from the dynamic facilities, it also provides better
view of the accessories as exactly the way it would look in person thereby being
customer friendly . And some of their best selling products like the towel Rail in which they
offer a variety of designs and models are displayed with effective captions for easy
viewing of customers.

Towel Rails are devices
that are used in bathrooms to for drying and heating towels.Towel rails are quite
attractive and also very useful so they are an important addition to any person's
bathroom.A huge variety of towel rails are available today in a range of designs,
sizes, finishes and heating capacity. They can be either Electric Towel Rail
or heated towel Rail.

When users want to download information about a product they can just have a click
on the specified product and immediately all the required information for the
related product is being displayed.

A separate section is being provided for all the products including the towel
rails thus displaying the various designs and varieties present in each product that
is being displayed. Products like the Electric Towel Rail
and the heated towel
are said to be better developments of the previous Towel Railand thus helping
the customers to make a wise choice.

Bella bathrooms allows all its users to post their queries in the site. It also
allows the customer to have a view of purchased products list by making it to
appear bold, italic, using different font designs and highlighting it with various
colors. In addition to all these features the organization do mail their customers
on their various new products released ,which are being displayed on their website.

For further information and to keep you updated with the latest products released
and their cost, just look into www.bellabathrooms.co.uk

Bella Bathrooms
Unit M10 - M14 Yarm Road
Morton Park
County Durham
Tel 0845 224 00 79
Fax 0845 224 00 78
Email : sales@bellabathrooms.co.uk
Website :www.bellabathrooms.co.uk

Web Site: http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk

Contact Details: Bella Bathrooms
Unit M10 - M14 Yarm Road
Morton Park
County Durham
Tel 0845 224 00 79
Fax 0845 224 00 78
Email sales@bellabathrooms.co.uk
Website http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk

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