Want an Impressive Marketing Piece - Hire a Skilled Writer!

Released on: October 22, 2008, 12:08 pm

Press Release Author: Perfect Virtual Assistant

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Imagine if you could hire a writing professional with years
of experience to handle all of your company's publicity and writing needs at a
fraction of the cost of having one on staff. You can!

Let my expertise be the gateway to your success. I am accomplished in all areas of
publicity and public relations from writing articles, press releases, speeches, and
website content to developing public relations strategies and handling media events.
I have the advantage of having worked as both a print and broadcast journalist so I
know what the press is looking for. I can give you that verbal edge you need.

Press Release Body: For Immediate Release
Erica Gennarini

Want an Impressive Marketing Piece? Hire a Skilled Writer

PRINCETON, NJ, (October 2008) What's the best way to get great media attention?
Easy, hire a writer to create your marketing materials. Better yet, hire someone
who has worked in media before and knows the ins and outs and what reporters
generally look for. Hire the best and you'll receive the best. That's where
Perfect Virtual Assistant comes into play.

Erica Gennarini, Founder of Perfect Virtual Assistant,
www.perfectvirtualassistant.com, has more than 25 years of writing experience with a
portfolio that includes print and broadcast journalism, publicity, editing,
photography, and more. Gennarini worked for companies both in the US and abroad and
states that her years as a journalist helped prepare her for a career as a freelance
writer and publicity virtual assistant. Gennarini states, "I have the advantage of
having worked on both sides of the media, so I know what the press is looking for."
Her years as a journalist have also equipped her with extraordinary research skills.

Knowing what the media is looking for from an insider's standpoint is extremely
beneficial for PR success. Writers bring work alive and introduce it as fresh and
new. From press releases to complete media campaigns, a good writer can make the
difference in getting your product or services the attention it deserves.

Gennarini is also gifted in book marketing and promotions. In fact, a major
publisher, without the help of a literary agent published her book. Gennarini
states, "The company did nothing to promote it so I took the reins and sold enough
copies to get it into a second printing." Wouldn't you want the same results for
your book campaign?

For more information contact Gennarini at info@perfectvirtualassistant.com or visit
her website www.perfectvirtualassistant.com.

About Perfect Virtual Assistant: Gennarini has written articles for newspapers and
magazines, been a broadcast journalist, an editor for major corporations, has
written and edited website content, and has been a speechwriter for the NJ
Department of Environmental Protection. She has a journalism degree from Syracuse
University and a Masters degree from Rutgers.

Web Site: http://www.perfectvirtualassistant.com

Contact Details: info@perfectvirtualassistant.com
609 712 6446
Fax 609 683-9001

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