Robert King Abunza Review

Released on: November 24, 2008, 6:25 am

Press Release Author: Robert King

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Abunza? Great opportunity or Scam? MY review will help you choose.

Press Release Body: Robert King says although Abunza is fairly new to the internet marketing world, it certainly has amazing appeal. Steadily over the years high end internet marketing has increased in popularity,but many people wanting to join couldn't afford the $3000 - $20000 entry level. Joey Kissimmee also says that Abunza has changed all that. Now anyone can get involved with Abunza for as little as $497.

Clearly Abunza is affordable for practically everyone. By offering the lower level entry, anyone that wants to change their life can literally enter this top notch high end program and have the same benefits as the higher level entry. In addition there are two other entry levels ranging all the way up to $2497.

Abunza and The Elite Team of Robert King also offers a professionally designed and customizable web site for all it members. It has multiple captivating videos and high quality graphics making your site very appealing and informative. In addition to being very informative and appealing, The Robert King Abunza Elite team site is very easy to navigate making it easy for all questions from prospective members to get answered.

Unlike other high end programs, Robert King's Elite Team shines in it's simplicity. All you have to do is invite people to your website that has been customized for you, let the website explain how the program works and answer questions. Or you can have the professionals on the Dreamteam do the calling back and follow up for you. At any rate the cash keeps coming in.

This may seem like an over simplification for the internet marketing program, but really that's all it takes. There are a few simple marketing techniques that can be easily mastered to invite people to your website, but the rest is just being yourself and talking to a few people a day. There is no selling or convincing involved. Typically after reviewing the website, only the most serious prospects will have a few more questions they would like answered before joining.

This program has the affordability of a lower entry level and the fireworks of the upper level entry programs. For instance starting at $497 with Abunza, a person can work their way up the ladder toward the upper level of $2497. Just imagine what it would be like to have your own Dreamteam making your calls for you. And that's just the beginning. It's possible to promote this using all kinds of free advertising!

Also to top it off, Robert King is a member of the 7 Figure Marketing School, (Also available at the Elite level) which takes you step by step through video tutorials to learn all you need to know at your own pace. Joey Kissimmee also says You can earn full time income while at the same time working part time hours. Weekly webinars teach you the rest. These can also be seen in the archives in your back office for you to learn on your schedule.

Just google me now ( Robert King ) to see what Robert King, the Elite Team and the 7 Figure Marketing School is all about. And check out the Abunza system to see the ongoing benefits and much much more...

Find out more: www.abunzaeliteteam [dot} com/building4yourdreams

Robert King

Web Site:

Contact Details: 146 E College St.
Canonsburg,PA 15317



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