The UK’s Lowest Priced Big Button Mobile Phone Launches at Just £49.99


Released on: November 20, 2008, 5:25 am

Press Release Author: Communic8 Ltd

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: This week sees the much anticipated launch of the new Binatone ‘Speakeasy’ mobile phone by specialist mobile supplier Communic8 Ltd ( It has a large screen, big buttons and many other features to assist the elderly and visually impaired.

Press Release Body: This week sees the much anticipated launch of the new Binatone ‘Speakeasy’ mobile phone by specialist mobile supplier Communic8 Ltd ( Incredibly simple to use the new mobile will be the UK’s lowest priced big button mobile phone retailing at an introductory price of just £49.99.

Folkestone based Communic8 Ltd have been leading the market in mobile phones for the older generation and sight impaired users for some time now, however big button mobiles such as the popular ‘Emporia’ have all been high-end products costing upwards of £150. The new Speakeasy mobile has been launched as a direct response to a need for a low-cost version and is the very first big button mobile phone available in the UK at a truly budget price.

In a world in which mobile phones have become increasingly smaller, and stacked with complex features and wizardry, Binatone’s Speakeasy offers a no-nonsense, back-to-basics alternative that is sure to be welcomed by many who feel somewhat technically challenged by the many different mobile phones available today.

The arrival of the Speakeasy opens a new chapter for Binatone who have become a familiar and trusted name in home electronics, and for many decades have sold many millions of products in over 55 countries worldwide.

Neil Scanlon, the UK Sales and Development Manager for Binatone says “This innovation for the Big Button Mobile GSM brings a specialist product that the market has been missing for some time - at a very accessible launch SRP of £49.99 Binatone are delighted to have partnered with Communic8 to offer supply to specialist retail and mail order markets."

Although easy to use the Speakeasy boasts some impressive features including an extra large display, speakerphone, loud ringer and strong vibration alerts. The model is Digital Hearing Aid Compatible and also fitted with a useful power torch function. Whilst being designed to incorporate big buttons the phone still retains a slim and comfortable size. Other features include caller ID, direct SMS key, and a unique notepad at the back of the handset. Importantly the phone is SIM free and is not locked to any network.

The price breakthrough of the Binatone Speakeasy looks set to see a dramatic increase in the number of elderly people now being able to afford a large button mobile phone. Many will discover for the first time the convenience and added security that a mobile phone provides. “For the first time, Elderly people have access to a fantastic, easy to use mobile phone at an affordable price and we are delighted that Binatone have decided to work with us to launch the Speakeasy mobile phone” commented Stewart Smith Managing Director of Communic8 Ltd.

The new Binatone Speakeasy is available for consumers through Communic8 and can be ordered directly from the company via their website at or by calling the sales office on 08701 600 600. Retailers wishing to stock the Binatone Speakeasy can also contact Communic8 via the same telephone number.

At a time when money is tight for everyone the Binatone Speakeasy is sure to make a truly thoughtful Christmas gift for an elderly relative at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Contact Details: Stewart Smith
Communic8 Ltd
2nd Floor
39 Bouverie Square
CT20 1BA
United Kingdom
Tel: 08701 600 600



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