From Rescuing Dachshunds to Making Crazy Money Online in the People's Program!


Released on: December 17, 2008, 6:40 am

Press Release Author: Lisa Campbell

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Lisa Campbell rescues stranded Dachshunds during the day time, working hard to find them a permanent home, but by night she races to her computer to earn a crazy amount as an associate for the People's Program.

Press Release Body: Lisa Campbell told us that a surprisingly large number of abandoned and abused Dachshunds need homes where they can be reared in a loving and healthy environment. Dachshund rescue homes are doing a good job of rescuing such dogs and finding them homes with families who will raise them with care.

She added that while most rescue Dachshunds at these homes have been neglected or abused, several have been placed there by owners who find it difficult to look after the dog for a variety of reasons. The dogs are usually around 4 to 7 years old, and spayed or neutered on admission into the rescue home, if they weren’t previously.

Rescue homes can be found via the Internet and once you have found a conveniently located one, you can apply to be an adoptive parent.

More than often there is a happy ending to the story. But Lisa Campbell seems like Wonder Woman to most people she is around. As soon as she finishes helping the Dachshunds she races home to get in front of her computer to market successfully online.

She uses the same die-hard determination during the day time to rescue one of her puppies at night to help many people earn a great living as an Internet Marketer in The People's Program.

She is solid proof that one can make a great living while still having the time to follow a great cause. If you are willing to give a gift, whether it is your time, donations or finances, Lisa CampBell told us that the 'Gifts' Always come back Ten fold.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 13 1308 Clark St.
Lancaster, PA 17602



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