Amazing Fat Loss Miracle Cure as M2 Fitness Pros Take NAKED COMMANDO Global!


Released on: January 5, 2009, 4:52 am

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Press Release Summary: M2 Fitness Pros, Emile Jarreau Bea Fox get more attention, gather momentum for workout phenomenon, NAKED COMMANDO SYSTEM. full body workout for fat loss without weights or equipment. Other industry experts highly endorse and fitness gyms will lie to you about it. An amazing 30 year, time tested, fat loss system of celebrities, NFL athletes and fitness minded.

Press Release Body: Long Beach, CA- Jan 1, 2009- Fitness Professionals, Emile Jarreau and Bea Fox have received more attention to the workout phenomenon, NAKED COMMANDO System. A full body workout for fat loss without weights or equipment that other industry experts highly endorse and fitness gyms will lie to you about.

Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training and author of “Just say No to cardio” asked Jarreau, “Why is this called the Naked Commando?” “This is the real deal! We put this program together almost two decades ago as regular class in Gold’ Gym LBC and it screamed. People loved it! Just your body and a mat. No equipment needed. Hands down it’s the fastest, most effective way to lose fat, build stamina, strengthen and tighten up the whole body. This provides fast fitness results for people that want to look better Naked! You get benefits like these:
1. You can do it anywhere.
2. You need no equipment.
3. You will dramatically improve your strength and power without injury.
4. Fantastic for your body’s natural stabilizers
5. Build your strength, stamina and flexibility throughout the whole body.
6. Helps reduce your back pain.
7. Helps eliminate your neck and shoulder pain.
8. “Triad” to train your whole body in 15 minutes or less.
9. You will see Amazing fat loss!
10. You need NO Gym membership!

Even more, Naked Commando System is available to the public in a digital format, along with an easy to follow workout book with complete photos, videos, audios, email support. The program is also available to the Fitness Professional community to utilize as a part of a total system to enhance the results of all individual’s that personal trainer’s and Group-X instructors teach.

Mr. Jarreau and Bea Fox also work with fully clothed folks as well. Their studio is located in downtown Long Beach on Pine Avenue. Class and service info are also available at M2 Fitness Pros is Long Beach’s executive and celebrity training studio. Private services include beginner to advanced conditioning. Emile Jarreau and Bea Fox co-Founders, M2 Fitness Pros, fitness solutions company, Long Beach Ca. increases results for people interested in saving time and money through customized training, coaching, and consulting. We establish structures and procedures in all facets of the training process, through workshops and individual coaching. Get Now more info at 800-513-4631 or e-mail

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Contact Details: Emile Jarreau Bea Fox M2 Fitness Pros Long Beach, California. (800) 513-4631 Teleseminar Series



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