Rebel Diet Author slams the Diet Industry


Released on: January 30, 2009, 6:56 am

Press Release Author: Emma James

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Weight loss specialist and controversial author slams the diet industry for creating an "addiction" to buy into their products.

Press Release Body: The author of Rebel Diet, the controversial diet book which was recently released has today said that the diet industry must be capped in some way.

Emma James said “ there is so much hype and mystery created by the diet industry in order to keep people buying into their products. Even Paul McKenna has jumped on the band wagon with no idea about diet and weight management. There must be some kind of regulation put on misleading and marketing pitches to hook people into the diet vortex”.

Speak out about the situation she also stated that entire ploy was to ensure people never got all the information to allow them to learn what works for their own body and therefore free themselves from the dependence on diet meals and systems. She said “even people with comfort eating problems and real disorders are getting dragged into this “creating a need” philosophy of selling instead of outlining how to solve the problems themselves”.

The author flies to Las Vegas next week to speak at the Building Bridges seminar on the 8th February at the Tuscany Suites Conference Centre and to speak out about the role of the therapist in the diet industry and about her book which claims to give “missing link” to the reader and free themselves from the Diet Hell.

She also plans to launch webinars for people wishing to opt out of the diet chains later in the year and provide practical information for the user to take over their own weight management and address eating related problems.

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Contact Details: Emma James
Davenport House Clinic
SK15 1TU


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