Acquirelists Announced Beat the Recession Marketing Offer. SAVE UP TO 40% ON YOUR MARKETING BUDGET


Released on: February 4, 2009, 4:08 am

Press Release Author: Acquirelists

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Relief from Marketing Cost is Here :: Beat the Recession. Nearly 300 companies rely on Acquirelists for customer-focused business marketing at budget-focused prices. SAVE UP TO 40% ON YOUR MARKETING BUDGET

Press Release Body: Nearly 300 companies rely on Acquirelists for customer-focused business marketing at budget-focused prices.

Acquirelists target your market audience

• By Industry - Target by SIC/NAICS Codes/Primary Industry
• By Title - Target your preferred decision maker by job title
• By Size - Target by number of employees or Revenue
• By Geography - Target by city/county/state/ Postalcode/Zipcode

Marketing with Guaranteed Results

Acquirelists is a leading force in the development and implementation of exceptional B2B solutions and services. Our consultants integrate their field-proven expertise in business growth strategies with an accomplished appreciation of client identity, allowing you an advantaged position ahead of your competition.

Acquirelists Digital B2B Marketing Solutions with Measurable ROI

Acquirelists is committed to providing superior corporate services to both new and established enterprises. Our menu of custom services includes personalized consultation and development in numerous facets of business creation and business growth. Whether you are seeking a profitable way to utilize affiliate marketing strategies in your business, create a sophisticated financial plan to maximize your resources, enhance your professional image, or expand and develop your clientele, Acquirelists can match your needs with cutting edge solutions.

What does this mean to your business? As your complete and experienced industrial marketing consultant, we can:

1) Advise you on the advantages and drawbacks of other marketing efforts
2) One point of contact for all things Internet and print related, You will be online on time with no complications
3) More importantly, we can help you coordinate your message so that all parts of your industrial marketing campaign efforts carry the same message
4) Support the same goals, and Act in a complimentary manner leading to more opportunity and sales for your company.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Lead Generation . It’s all we do.

Acquirelists is the only company that combines the knowledge of your customers’ buying processes and a proven methodology that transforms sales and marketing to enable the “Perfect Conversation”. The result is increased sales in less time and higher returns from marketing investments.

Our founders spent 10 years helping thousands of corporate executives make technology investment decisions. Now this insider knowledge can realign your Marketing & Sales so it focuses on how to address the right decision makers at the right time to greatly increase your revenues.

Call 1-800-699-8169 to speak to a representative

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Contact Details: ACQUIRELists
1971 Western Avenue, Suite 2889
Albany, NY 12203

Phone: 1-800-699-8169


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