Online Memorials Take on Respectful Light

Released on: February 17, 2009, 3:34 am
Author: Things Never Said
Industry: Internet & Online

A new kind of online memorial is on the horizon. Physical burial sites for deceased loved ones are considered sacred and are respected as such.

Rockville, MD February, 16, 2009- Increasingly, the general public has expressed the belief that this sense of respect and reverence should extend to online memorials as well as physical ones.

The majority of online memorial sites are run like any other public site. Sometimes a nominal fee is charged to list a memorial, though many offer the service for free. Problems arise with the overall respectability of these memorials.

These free sites offer little or no opportunity to personalize a memorial, resulting in a cookie-cutter page that says little about the person it is supposed to represent. In most cases, advertising is displayed alongside memorials and anyone can access the pages. The result is an impersonal and distracting page, which does not adequately reflect the kind of reverent atmosphere a memorial should have.

Memorial sites such as strive to create and preserve an atmosphere, which promotes reflection and respect for the life each memorial is dedicated to. Farhad Dan Ahdoot came up with the idea for Things Never Said while reflecting on losses in his own life. About the inspiration behind the site, Mr. Ahdoot stated, “I believe that sometimes great things can stem from great losses; that's my hope for this site.” He goes on to express the desire that anyone who has felt the sting of loss will be able to share their memories with the help of a site dedicated to showing the kind of love and respect each memorialized individual deserves.

Everyone knows what loss feels like and the toll it can take on family and friends. The healing process often begins by being able to share feelings and express mutual respect for the lost loved one. Finding an online site that believes respect should be as apparent in online memorials as physical ones may make the difference between having a place where you can truly reflect on a lost loved one, or just another page to attract Internet traffic.

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About was founded on the belief that expressing the sentiments you never had the opportunity to say to your loved one during life will get you on the road to recovery after their passing. The compassion of the site creators comes through in each page, offering the grieving a place to find comfort, support, and help. In building their site, they have striven to include resources and information to help the bereaved through the grieving process.

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