Super Affiliate Ewen Chia Takes Aussie Mom Hostage


Released on: February 11, 2009, 4:05 am
Author: Colleen Slater
Industry: Marketing

Ewen Chia, otherwise known as the world’s number 1 Super Affiliate, recently took a relatively unknown Australian woman hostage. His reason for this was clear. It was the only way that he knew of that he could get her to reveal her secret for creating a a massive online income of around $20,000.00 per month while working full time and being a mother of three.

Ewen believed that Colleen’s story was good enough to share with other marketers worldwide and to get unprecedented access to her secrets he needed to hold her hostage for over an hour. Reluctantly, Colleen felt she had little choice but to give Ewen what he and 1000s of people worldwide wanted to hear.

The first secret that Colleen revealed was the number one reason that she believes she’s successful online. Colleen explains, “If you doubt yourself, if you believe you will fail, if you say to yourself oh I don’t have enough time for this, if you believe you can’t do this then you ARE PROBABLY RIGHT and the universe will provide for you what you are focusing on the most - your failure....

However, if you believe in your heart that not only you can do this but that you DESERVE all the things on your list, then I guarantee that you WILL succeed..”

The next secret that Colleen revealed was something that she felt she had to do in about 2003 - and that was GIVE UP. At that stage autopilot profits just weren’t happening to Colleen and she gave up. Thankfully she gave it another go in 2005 and has never looked back inside. Colleen reveals, “I’ve not only replaced my full time income but have actually doubled it. My bank account has never been this full and we’re well on our way to getting our first home together as a family this year and spending Christmas in our very own home. Something that would never have been possible without my affiliate income which is just super.”

Ewen Chia encourages everyone wanting to learn how to make money online and to increase their income online to download Colleen’s free super affiliate ebook at

Colleen could charge upwards of $47 for this little beauty but for a limited time you can download it absolutely free of charge and start putting Colleen’s secrets to earning autopilot profits every single month to work ASAP.

So if you are wanting to make extra money for any reason whatsoever then download Colleen’s affiliate marketing ebook today at


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